Here Is What Your Forehead Size Reveals About Your Personality


Here Is What Your Forehead Size Reveals About Your Personality

Have you ever received a palm reading and wondered how the psychic was able to know so much about you? Perhaps it was not your hand that gave everything away, but instead, it was the shape of your forehead. Certain personality traits have been attributed to the shapes of our frontal lobe. Those who know how to read foreheads may not become qualified psychics, but they sure can pick certain kinds of people out from a crowd.

Forehead Size

Broad Forehead

People with broad foreheads have more space between their hair line and their eyebrows. Their forehead may appear bigger than most as their hairline may appear to be pushed back. Most people with broad foreheads are displeased with their appearance so they tend to wear bangs or headbands to hide their lobe. While they may feel self-conscience about how they look, most people with big heads are intelligent and possess magnificent skills. They have a cute time management skills and are reliable because they get the job done ahead of time, if not on a schedule. If you want your fortune told, you might consider a person with a broad forehead because they have a 6th sense that allows them to sense and even before it even occurs.

Narrow Forehead

People with a narrow forehead have a hair line that is close to their eyebrows. Their forehead space is smaller than others and they have smaller faces. While you might assume since narrow is the opposite of broad then people with narrow foreheads are dumb. Actually, that is not true. People with a narrow forehead are very emotional people. They rely more on intuitions and instincts rather than logic when making decisions. These people tend to avoid crowds and attention so they are often viewed is loners.

Straight forehead

People with straight foreheads have a square-shaped appearance. Their hairline goes in a straight line across the front and has two distinct corners on both sides that create an upside down “U”, like a staple. Persons with straight foreheads are straightforward. They get straight to the point and are not driven by emotions, but rather, rules and regulations. While they are cautious with their feelings, the feelings they do experience are strong. If they feel an emotional attachment to you, it is likely to be intense and everlasting, although it could take years before they develop those feelings towards you.

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Curved Forehead

People with curved foreheads do not have corners built into their hairline. Instead, their hairline forms a smooth half-circle line from one ear to the other. People with curved foreheads are effervescent. When they walk in a room, everyone notices them. They have a glow of positively and vibrancy around them that attracts people towards them. The downside if the jealousy people feel towards them. Other people often want to be like them, so they face envious people trying to take their shine everywhere they go.

M-Shaped Forehead

People with M-shaped foreheads resemble the traditional vampire. Instead of their hairline going in a straight line across their forehead, their hairline has a peek of hair that protrudes the middle of their forehead. When you use your finger to follow the hairline, you will draw an imaginary ‘M” because the hair grows downward towards the middle of their eyebrows. People who have that triangular-shaped patch of hair are said to be imaginative. These people are day dreamers and are bored with a redundant life. Typically, these people grow up to be actors or directors due to their creativity and artistic minds. For them, life has no limits.

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Fuji Mount-Shaped Forehead

A person with a Fuji Mount-shaped forehead has a hairline opposite of people with M-shaped foreheads. Instead of having a peak of hair pointing down their face, Fuji Mount-shaped foreheads have hairlines that resemble a cone. The hairline is narrow in the middle of the forehead, and the hairline moves downward sharply, creating an upside down “V”. These gentle and easy going people are sociable and agreeable. While they may not be the center of attention, they are very confident and opinionated. They know precisely what they want out of life and are single-highhandedly working towards getting it.

Sharp Forehead

People with sharp foreheads have no definitive hairlines. Their hairline curves bend and turn wherever it want. It almost looks like a zigzag line across their head. These people are steadfast in their ways and are not easily persuaded. Stubborn as they can be, their main goal is to fulfill their own desires at any cost. These are the people who would be considered ironic when they talk, especially when talking to authoritative figures.

All in all, the shape of your forehead gives away clues that can identify your personality type. Rather your are stern, vibrant, comedic or ideological, I think we all fit into what we were predestined to be. The shape of our forehead is just a confirmation of the obvious, and if you memorize these traits, you could open up a psychic stand and tell people what they should already know about themselves.

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