What The Shape Of Your Fingertips Tells About Your Personality


What The Shape Of Your Fingertips Tells About Your Personality

Many say that the hands is a key indicator to realizing your true inner self. However, according to hand analyst, Jena Griffiths of Switzerland, by taking a closer look at your fingertip shapes, you can uncover your true personality. By uncovering the hidden you that is often covered up by the opinions of other people, you can begin your journey to a fulfilling life.

What Your Fingertips Shape Tells About Personality

There are 4 different fingertip shapes that every human possesses. Some have a mixture of these, but most are born with one distinctive shape.

  • Rounded (Conic)
  • Square
  • Spatulate
  • Pointed

Griffiths points out that all finger tips are related to the natural elements of water, earth, fire and air. One the other hand, authors Robin Gile and Lisa Lenard of ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Palmistry’, share a more practical way of determining your personality.

Hold your hand in front of you, palm side down, and examine your fingertips.

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1.Most people have rounded fingertips, more so in women than in men. Emotional, impulsive, and idealistic, these people tend to rely on impression as opposed to an analyzed conclusion. Not wanting to make waves, they follow the crowd in order to keep life pleasant and sociable. Children have iconic fingertips. This stands to reason as youngsters follow grown-ups for guidance.

2.Square-tipped fingers represent the earth and demand order and precision in everything that they do. Routines are a given and they can tend to become unruly if their ritual is shaken. Often living with a sense of caution, they must be careful not to take situations to the extreme.

3.Those with spatulate finger tips represent fire in the natural order of things. Common sense and practical, their whirlwind response to everything can often bring change, just to be in constant motion. Very skilled in all that they do, their hands play a large part in a conversation. The downside to this individual is not thinking projects through adequately to get the best results.

4.Pointed tips outline air and a spiritual nature. Artists, poets and mystics often share this physical characteristic and must be careful not to live in a dreamlike state. Imagination can be great, but not when taken to extremes. Music, painting, and perhaps counseling, can make this group of people happier in achieving their purpose in life.

Use this information as a guide in determining what life can hold for you. Everyone has a reason to exist and certain attributes for following a given path. By recognizing certain little signs, like fingertips, you may find your specific role and enjoy the journey in life.


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