Find Out What Your Partner’s Blood Type Says About His Temperament


Find Out What Your Partner’s Blood Type Says About His Temperament

Knowing your own blood type has always been important from a medical perspective, but it turns out that blood type may actually have an effect on personality. In Japan, blood type is seen as an essential part of a person that can determine their temperament, and people often list their blood type on Facebook in order to find their perfect match. There are four different blood types that a person can have, Type A, Type B, Type AB, and Type O. Blood types tend to behave in a particular way, and certain blood type groups tend to be more compatible to each other.

Blood Type

Type A
People with Type A blood are often rather introverted. They may be seen as calm, shy, and sensitive, but on the inside, they tend to worry quite a bit. Type A people are perfectionists who are very in tune with their surroundings. A Type A person is rarely the center of attention, and they often prefer to be independent and relax by themselves. People with this blood type are often drawn towards intellectual careers where they can work alone, including writer, accountant, and a computer programme. Type A people are kind and patient in relationships, but they need their partner to be reliable and responsible. They usually do not do well in a relationship with a Type B person.

Type B
Type B people are creative and spontaneous. They hate having to deal with rules and prefer to be free spirited. Type B tends to be quite goal-oriented, so they want to focus on the big picture instead of tiny details. People with a Type B personality often have trouble focusing, and they quickly pick up and discard various hobbies and friendships. Though Type B people are passionate partners, they can be somewhat selfish. Type AB people are often a good partner for those with Type B blood since they provide rationality while still encouraging creativity.

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Type AB
People with Type AB blood are very dualistic. They often have traits of both Type A and Type B, so they can be simultaneously shy and confident. Though Type AB people are very intellectual, they are often surprisingly open-minded. Overall, Type AB people tend to be trustworthy, kind, adaptable, and patient. They tend to be more attracted towards Type A or Type B partners.

Type O
In medicine, Type O blood is known as the “universal donor” since most people can receive their blood without having a bad reaction. This trait is also apparent in their personality. People with Type O are social butterflies, who can get along with just about anyone. They are confident, popular, and often seen as the center of attention. Type O people are drawn to careers where they can be in charge or be admired, such as banking, politics, or athletics. Type O partners are known for being playful, spontaneous and affectionate. They often do well in matches with Type A people, since their warmth provides a nice contrast to Type A restraint.

Knowing a person’s blood type can give you powerful insight into your interactions with them. Though a person may not match all of the traits of their blood type, they often have at least a few of them. By understanding what drives and motivates someone, it is possible to start a strong relationship.

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