She Stopped Wearing A Bra For A Week And Here’s What Happened


She Stopped Wearing A Bra For A Week And Here’s What Happened

Most women at one time or another have gotten a little annoyed with their bra. Whether it is an underwire sticking out, a strap that keeps getting twisted, the struggle to find a bra which fits right or just the overall uncomfortable nature of a bra, most women have at one time really wanted to take off their bra. One woman, Gabrielle Moss, did something about her annoyance with her bra. When she transitioned from an office job to freelance work, Moss went braless for a week. Because Moss had spent most of her adolescence and young adulthood going braless, the transition was perhaps easier for her than it would be for some women who have worn a bra daily since puberty.

Braless Experiment

In the beginning, things went well. As she completed her final day of work and her co-workers hugged her, none of them commented on Moss’ braless state. Later that day, while at the bar with friends, no one said anything to Moss about her lack of a bra. She realized people cared more about networking and getting free beer than they cared about what Moss was or was not wearing.

As Moss realized many people did not care if she wore a bra or not, she became more and more relaxed. Over the next few days, Moss ran errands braless. She purchased coffee, got seltzer and bought a caulking gun, all while in her braless state.

Unfortunately, it was walking the streets around her neighborhood where Moss began to feel less comfortable with her braless state. She noticed men looking at her, clearly noticing she was not wearing a bra. As more and more men on the street started to stare at Moss’ chest, she began to feel self-conscious and embarrassed about not wearing a bra. She said she did not like the looks, which seemed to imply that the men found her naïve or the looks which reminded her of the creepy one she got from some boys when she was a teenager.


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After a week, Moss reluctantly went back to wearing a bra, deciding to wear a bra was better than the street harassment she would otherwise continue to face. While Moss eventually confirmed and started wearing a bra again, not wearing a bra might actually be beneficial for some women. In 2013, Professor Jean-Dennis Rouillon, a French professor at the University of Franche-Comté published the results of a 15-year study involving 330 women between 18 and 35.

For Dr. Rouillon’s study, some women wore bras while others went braless. The women who did not wear bras experienced a seven-millimeter lift in their breasts. They also developed more muscle tissue in their breasts, and their stretch marks faded. According to the study, wearing a bra prevents the growth of tissue which will help the breast to naturally support themselves. Therefore, a bra might actually accelerate the sagging process of the breasts. One volunteer, who has not worn a bra for two years, even said not wearing a bra has helped her breathe better, stand straighter and experience less back pain.

Because the study only involved women up to 35, the results may not be able to translate into benefits for women who have worn bras for years longer. According to Dr. Rouillon, going braless would probably not be beneficial to older women and could actually be dangerous. While it might seem a little silly at times to think of going braless, if you are a woman who has ever considered it, at least you now know there are potential benefits.

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