A Jar of This Dried Food in Olive Oil Can KILL Stomach Bacteria and Enhances Fertility!


A Jar of This Dried Food in Olive Oil Can KILL Stomach Bacteria and Enhances Fertility!

Olive oil and figs create a powerful health boost when they are combined. With a little patience, you can create an easy daily supplement to increase your digestive and reproductive health using only these two ingredients. Bacteria in your stomach can cause discomfort and disease, and traditional treatments are expensive and difficult. Consuming figs soaked in olive oil is an easy way to remove harmful bacteria from the stomach and digestive tract.

Dried Figs

To prepare your figs and olive oil for daily consumption, place a fig in a jar or other container and pour olive oil over them, filling the jar or container completely. For the best results, cut the figs into fourths. Try to use higher-quality cold-pressed and/or organic olive oil, and try to choose the least-processed version you can find.

Then, soak the figs in the olive oil for forty days. Doing this will ensure that the olive oil has had ample time to soak into the figs for your best result. Before eating or drinking anything, eat one fig each morning. If it is too hard for you to wait the forty days for the figs to soak in the olive oil, you may make two batches and begin consuming the first batch after one week while leaving the second batch for the recommended forty days. The figs that have soaked the least amount of time will be less potent than the figs that have soaked for forty days, but they will still produce some health benefits.

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You may see results quickly if you adjust your diet and exercise level as well. Try to avoid fried, fatty, or greasy foods, and make sure to work gentle exercise into your daily routine. This will enhance the health benefits of the figs and olive oil.

There are many scientific reasons why this remedy will help your body. When olive oil reaches your stomach, it relaxes the duodenum, which in turn acts against acid reflux. Olive oil also aids in nutrient absorption and kills harmful bacteria. It makes your stomach feel fuller, so you are less likely to overeat. Figs act as a mild laxative, and they also contain calcium and iron, which aid in ovulation, help create healthy eggs, and boost libido. This combination may even cure hemorrhoids and intestinal disease. This combination does not put a great deal of stress on the pancreas, so it is safe for those suffering from ailments related to the pancreas.

Aside from digestive and fertility problems, this mixture may be able to cure bronchitis and ease asthma symptoms. Figs have even been proven to remove warts!

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