What The Placement Of Acne On Your Face Tells About Diseases You Suffer From


What The Placement Of Acne On Your Face Tells About Diseases You Suffer From

Surprisingly, most of us have experienced some of those nasty breakouts on a least expected day. Although you follow a strict skincare regime, you find those ugly pimples on certain areas of your face every time. Quick fix with an acne dissolve cream is not the only solution. To get your skin healthy and right on track, you need to first understand the real cause of the breakout. In fact, studies claim that these breakouts in specific areas of your face actually tell you the underlying problem in your body. Here is a detailed map and descriptions.

Position of the acne on your face

Where is your acne?

The theory of face mapping actually suggests the weakness and toxicity in the body depending upon the position of the acne on your face. Due to some problem in certain organ or gland in the body can actually cause breakouts on your face.


Acne on any areas in forehead suggests that there is a problem in the digestive system. Because of certain foods that are heavy to digest, you might be facing the breakouts. Sometimes, toxicity is the cause of forehead pimples too. Vital organs such as the liver may accumulate toxins due to stress and irregular sleep and sedentary lifestyle. Too much toxin in the body can lead to breakouts too. By taking bitter herbs and fresh fruits like Papaya, you can avoid these breakouts. Dandelion tea is another liver detoxifying drink that helps to remove toxins from the body.

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Between the eyebrows

Apart from the liver toxins, the acnes between the eyebrows are a cause of excess fast food consumption. Eating greasy and fatty foods are the primary cause of such pimples. Another cause can be excess alcohol intake. Changing your diet and better sleep schedule will help in clearing your acne issue.

Upper Cheeks

Pimples appearing on your upper cheeks indicate that you may have some problems in your lungs. If you are exposed to a lot of air pollutants throughout the day, your skin may show acnes on cheeks. Smoking can be another cause of such pimples as well. Avoid polluted the air by using a nose mask. Consider adding more plants to your surrounding environment. You can also use indoor plants in your home. Including antioxidant-rich foods like fresh berries and green tea in your diet will help you detoxifying your body and getting a clear skin.

Under Eye and near ears

Pimples near the under eye skin and on the surrounding area close to the ears suggest that there are some problems with your kidneys. Excess fast food, too much alcohol and stressful lifestyle are the major reasons of a distressed kidney. Cranberry juice, fresh fruits and detox diet can help in clearing toxins in your body.

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Nobody likes those pointy breakouts on the tip of their noses. The cause is a problem with your cardiovascular system. Diet modification and regular exercise are the keys. By reducing salt in your diet, avoiding fried food and excess sugary food will help in the betterment of the condition. Remember to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to boost your immune system and improve your heart health.

Lower cheek

Pimples on the lower cheek indicate poor dental health. Get your dental health checkup done. Also, include a regular flossing and deep cleaning regimen for better oral health.


Hormonal imbalance can lead to some breakouts in the chin area. If these pimples show up at a particular time of the month, then your natural hormonal cycles are the cause. You need to pay extra attention to your daily healthcare and skincare regime. Plus, include a lot of fresh foods and eliminate processed foods from your diet.

Remember that all day, your skin is exposed to a number of contaminants, pollutants and even harmful chemicals. Because of the heavy and oily makeup, the skin cells also breathe poorly. By paying extra attention to your skincare, eating a good diet and changing your lifestyle, you can improve the condition of your skin.

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