The Man Who Lost 250 Pounds Shares His Weight Loss Journey


The Man Who Lost 250 Pounds Shares His Weight Loss Journey

If you’ve been struggling with your weight, there is perhaps no story more inspirational story than that of Ronnie Brower. Living in Syracuse and weighing in at almost 700 pounds, Ronnie was depressed and battling addictions with pills, food and alcohol. One fateful night, while high on pills and losing his battle to maintain a positive outlook, Ronnie penned a Facebook post that would change his life.

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Ronnie doesn’t remember exactly what his Facebook post said, but he confessed to seeing a doctor who told him he did not have long to live if he didn’t make some changes. A good friend saw his post and encouraged Ronnie to contact her cousin, Nick Murphy, a personal trainer she believed could help him. Nick agreed to help, but only if Ronnie made initial contact to show his commitment. After a long day of internal struggle and debate, Ronnie took the plunge and contacted the trainer, asking for his help. Within 15 minutes, Nick agreed to help Ronnie for free and enlisted the help of fellow trainer Jill Rupert.

Before working with his trainers, Ronnie’s best friend, and favorite mood lifter was food. He admits that, at the time, a single meal consisted of 20 to 30 cheeseburgers or two large pizzas, all of which were consumed in a single sitting. Ronnie knew his weight only because he was able to measure it using an industrial scale at his uncle’s weld shop. He tried to leave the house only under cover of darkness and was contemplating suicide.

Nick and Jill not only trained Ronnie but befriended him, educating him on a low-carb diet and inviting him to their homes for healthy meals. They also celebrated important milestones with Ronnie, being there with him when he was able to fit into a seat at the sports arena for the first time and then repeating the performance at the movie theater.

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With the help of his trainers, friends, and his own personal commitment, Ronnie has dropped an amazing 425 pounds. The task took a lot of sweat, hard work and 714 days, but Ronnie hit his goal weight of 250 pounds and could not be happier. He has stopped drinking and taking pills but started dating and returned to church.

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While improving his own life, Ronnie has also served as a source of inspiration for others. Spurred on by Ronnie’s success, two other Rochester locals joined the same gym, each weighing more than 500 pounds when they arrived. Both have lost about 200 pounds each and credit Ronnie’s story for their desire to get help.

As Ronnie himself says, “Today can be your day one.” He encourages everyone struggling with their weight to get help. He’s living proof that if you want it badly enough, a healthy lifestyle can be yours.

Make Today Your Day One!

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