This Couple Got A Phenomenal Result Of A 17- Week Fitness Challenge, See How


This Couple Got A Phenomenal Result Of A 17- Week Fitness Challenge, See How

Staying slim and trim probably can be found at the top of everyone’s bucket list. Unfortunately, demanding jobs and family obligations sometimes gets the best of us.
It may even seem like one day you woke up, looked down and somehow were totally out of shape. Even with the best of intentions, it can be tough to stay motivated and stick to a fitness routine. It isn’t always about a lack of motivation either. Circumstances are different person to person and it can be tricky finding time to hit the gym.

Couple Got A Phenomenal Result Of A 17- Week Fitness Challenge, See How

This is exactly what happened to one handsome chap by the name of Stephen Crowther from North Wales. This IT consultant had enough of avoiding photographs at parties and family functions as well as having low self-esteem over his physical appearance. After taking a sedentary position, his weight increased and by 2010, he weighed 15 stone. Unhappy with his physical appearance, he knew he had to take action.

In a world of supermodels and buff athletes, Stephen felt there was stigma placed on men who were overweight. People think it doesn’t bother them as much as it does their female counterparts, but it does. Unfortunately, all the rude comments and snickering behind men’s backs is just as offensive to them as it is to women.

Subsequently, Stephen’s wife made headline news with her amazing weight loss and body transformation. During his own journey of weight loss, some people assumed he was only doing it to support his wife. Although it was not entirely untrue, Stephen wanted to feel as good as Claire did inside and out.

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Let The Games Begin

After Stephen put his mind to getting in shape, he knew he had to be diligent. He and Clare had always been foodies. They loved to eat and he knew that was going to be one of the biggest obstacles he would face in the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Together this dynamo couple decided to follow a plan by Slimming World and Stephen was able to drop to 11 stone. Although he felt better than he had in years and his confidence was improved, Stephen still felt like something was missing. He and his wife decided to win the battle of the bulge and signed up for an intensive 17-week fitness course with Genna Loskutnikov, a personal trainer from DW Fitness Club. After seeing the miraculous transformation of his wife Clara, Stephen decided it was time to hit the gym and get into the best shape of their lives.

Determination Wins

As with any weight loss and fitness plan, it takes hard work and dedication. With working long hours, Stephen found it difficult to prepare meals and workout five to eight times a week, but seeing the ongoing results month after month, he was determined to reach his goal. After reaching the end of his 17-week challenge, his transformation is nothing short of phenomenal. Both Stephen and Clare have shown the world there is nothing a little hard work and determination can’t conquer.

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Trying to lose weight and get fit can seem like a daunting task, especially when the most strenuous thing you have done is reach for the television remote. The good news is that once you start and see results, it will make you want to reach your goal even faster. The bad news is that since you are looking so buff, you might need to figure out how to put an end to all of the attention you will get.

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