See How 17 Year Old Girl Looks Like After Taking A Popular Drug


See How 17 Year Old Girl Looks Like After Taking A Popular Drug

Bianca Roehm was like any other high school teenager. She got good grades. She would do her homework after work. She went to work right after school. However, it all changed when she attended a rave at age 17.

A rave, for those who may not be up on the latest lingo for teens, is a party held as illegal gatherings in abandoned buildings or after hours in certain buildings. They are also often associated with a psychedelic, positive atmosphere that can be influenced by drugs and $ex if the rave gets wild enough.

See How 17 Year Old Girl Looks Like After Taking A Popular Drug

A popular drug at raves is called ecstasy. This drug may be more well known as the “love pill”. It is known to amplify sensations when touching another, particularly during physical contact, and can heighten color and sound perceptions. However, it comes with a nasty side effect: hallucinogens. These cause hallucinations that can then make someone relive something from their past without realizing it. Those who have used or continually use ecstasy can experience depression, severe anxiety, paranoia, and a host of other psychological problems.

So, how does Bianca Roehm fit into this equation? She went to a rave, and subsequently took ecstasy. It is believed she only had one pill. However, in the Denver, Colorado area, a bad batch has been circulating. Roehm is in the hospital.

She’s been in critical condition for about a week now. She’s had to be resuscitated twice, and at one point her temperature was 108 degrees with a heart rate of 165 beats per minute for about 20 minutes. Her father, Keith Roehm, is aware of at least several other people in the hospital in the Denver area after taking ecstasy. Roehm wouldn’t even wish this on the child of his worst enemy, to put it mildly. It is that bad when a batch of ecstasy goes bad.

After Taking A Popular Drug

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Taking to social media, he vented about how a 17 year old was allowed to attend the rave. He wonders why they’re even allowed in the door, though he understands that the allure of this kind of culture is a strong one. In his opinion, he continued in his post, those under 21 years old shouldn’t get past the door of a rave. He ends the ranting post by stating that it could be one of his friend’s children next. He pleads with his friends to not fool themselves and states that his daughter is responsible.

Further more, there are at least four dangers that every ecstasy user faces – even if they don’t continue to use the drug. They are:

1) the fact that the falsehood of only feeling good with ecstasy exists makes it easier for people to start using the drug outside of raves and techno parties, despite the unpleasent side effects;

2) to feel the same effects, the dosage has to be increased continually, and this can lead to the user going to more dangerous drugs;

3) at least 92% of ecstasy users also abuse harder drugs to help cope with the withdrawal pains and “come downs” of ecstasy;

4) less than 10% of ecstasy is pure – instead, they are often a mix of a wide variety of other drugs and toxic substances.

This drug can drag you to the bottom of a pit and never let you go. Instead, you will dig a deeper pit with other drugs. Roehm is one of the luckiest users.

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