Heart Surgeon Was Retired At 95 After He Did THIS!


Heart Surgeon Was Retired At 95 After He Did THIS!

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham was born in 1915 and is currently 101 years old. He retired from cardiothoracic surgery at the age of 95 in order to spend more time with his loved ones. Dr. Wareham says that owes his longevity to a vegan diet. He explains that even though he grew up on a farm as a child, he never wished to eat animal products. When he was in his 50s, Dr. Wareham became a vegan and supplemented his diet with vitamin B12.

Heart Surgeon Was Retired At 95 After He Did THIS!



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Furthermore, Dr. Wareham encouraged patients to eat a vegetable-based diet. He explains that a diet high in animal products raises cholesterol levels and puts an individual at a greater risk of coronary disease.

In addition to following his diet, the octogenarian adds that he remains active and does not allow himself to become stressed by life’s difficulties. In this inspiring Veggie Channel video from 2013, Dr. Wareham describes his healthy lifestyle. He also weighs in on American eating habits, and he advocates for the passage of laws that limit the amount of fat and sugar that can be present in foods for sale to the general population.


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