6 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Adult Acne


6 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Adult Acne

Acne in adulthood can be frustrating. You’ve finally grown into your body and left the pains of puberty behind, but when your skin problems still linger, it can feel like a never ending battle. Unfortunately acne is something many adults have to battle even after puberty. See if some of these skin clearing tricks can work for you.


Use Toothpaste

You’re probably thinking, “What does brushing my teeth have to do with these frustrating breakouts?” No toothbrush is needed for this cheap and effective topical treatment though. Just put a small amount of toothpaste on your finger and apply it to your clean, just washed problem areas. Try this at bedtime to let the treatment really take root, and because walking around with toothpaste on your face isn’t ideal.

Drink More Water

This is the most basic and important need of the human body. When your body runs low on this very key ingredient, it doesn’t have the means to cleanse itself efficiently. Breakouts often result from insufficient water intake. Carry a water bottle with you and keep your body and face hydrated throughout the day.

Change Your Diet

This can’t be the reason you’re acne isn’t getting any better, right? Wrong. In fact, changing your diet from sugary, oily substances to a more natural and balanced diet of fruits and vegetables can have the biggest effect of any of these solutions! If you’re not eating fruits and vegetables your body is not getting any of the nutrients it needs to keep your skin in tip top shape.

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Wash Your Face as Needed

Being oily by nature can be a good and bad thing. Good in the way that it supposedly slows aging down because skin is constantly moisturized, bad in the way that if ignored, can cause hygiene and sanitary issues. If you are a little oily, shower every day and scrub your face at least twice a day to keep it clean and fresh. If you have a naturally more dry face, don’t be tempted to scrub and exfoliate every day. You might only need one face wash per day to keep your face from peeling.

Wash Your Pillowcase

You’ve probably heard horror stories about the importance of washing your sheets. Well your pillowcase is equally as important if not more so! Find loads of laundry where you can toss in a couple pillowcases during the week. Your face spends 6-8 hours of contact with your pillow every night. It’s important that it’s clean so you can stay healthy.

Get Some Sun

Although you definitely don’t want a sunburn, sunshine has a way of erasing and diminishing acne of all kinds. Avoid oily sunscreens and lotions on the face and a little dose of sun daily will do the rest.

Acne is frustrating and annoying, especially in adulthood. If you find yourself still battling this, use some of the above tips to help get it under control. If nothing seems to be helping, check with a Dermatology Surgery Center to see what treatments they might recommend.

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