His Head Lice Infestation Will Make Your Skin Crawl


His Head Lice Infestation Will Make Your Skin Crawl

This video from A News shows one of the worst-case scenarios for head lice infestation. You’ll notice hundreds, maybe thousands, of light-colored insects moving through their host’s dark hair.

His Head Lice Infestation Will Make Your Skin Crawl

What are Head Lice?

Each head louse is the size of a strawberry seed, and lice feast on human blood from the scalp. Louse eggs are deposited on the base of a hair shaft. The warm environment next to a human scalp is the ideal environment for louse eggs to develop.

How Can an Infestation Happen?

Head lice are very contagious. Head lice crawl and cannot fly, but static electricity from a hair brush can allow them to airborne. You can catch head lice by using another person’s brush or hair accessories. You may also get lice by touching your head to another person’s head. Children commonly get lice at school.

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Symptoms of Head Lice

Symptoms of head lice include a crawling sensation on the scalp and itchiness on the scalp. The video is an example of what can happen if a head lice infestation is not treated.

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