Shocking Incident: This Woman Became A Target While Celebrating 4th Of July


Shocking Incident: This Woman Became A Target While Celebrating 4th Of July

You will continue scratching your head for days over this one. Let us carefully set the scene, and see if you can figure it all out, because people remain baffled. It’s lucky that Heather Charlebois is alive and well.

Shocking Incident- This Woman Became A Target While Celebrating 4th Of July

The evening began on 4th of July at an outdoor cafe in Deland, Florida. Heather was enjoying the holiday on the patio of the Cafe de Vinci with friends. It was a crowded event with everyone having a wonderful time, and the sound of firecrackers in the near distance was a common sound heard that evening. For the record, Heather is a 42-year-old mom of four and well-liked with zero enemies.

At approximately 10:35 that evening, Heather felt a sharp stabbing pain in her upper leg.

“My first thought was somebody hit me, slapped me open handed really hard on my leg and pinched me, but it did not make any sense because I didn’t see anyone,” Heather told a Florida TV station.

Heather’s concerned friends brought her to the bathroom where she found hardly any blood but just fluids draining from a small wound in her thigh. She was baffled, and figured maybe a stray firecracker somehow grazed her leg, and yet, that didn’t make any sense to her, either.

For days, Heather ignored the pain and the weird-looking wound until friends and family urged her to visit the hospital. She’s glad that she did, because doctors at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City took an x-ray and found the culprit. Deep inside her thigh lies a 38-caliber bullet. It’s too close to the femoral artery, so they will not remove it, as to avoid any further damage to her body.

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How in the blazers did the bullet end up striking Heather sitting at an outdoor cafe?

Police figure an errant bullet on 4th of July evening probably somehow made its way there after being fired into the air some distance away.

There’s no proof that’s how the .38-caliber ended up piercing into Heather’s thigh, but folks are stunned by the incredible circumstances. It’s a crazy wild mystery, and Heather Charlebois is just happy she’s alive and well.

Maybe you can unlock the mystery that 4th of July. Take a look at the video captured by the cafe’s outdoor cameras and decide what really happened there

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