Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair With THIS Natural Homemade Wax


Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair With THIS Natural Homemade Wax

Both men and women around the world often struggle with unwanted facial hair. While men usually just shave their beards and mustaches, women do not have this luxury as the hair is often far more fine and delicate. Instead, the majority of women trying to rid their upper lips, chins, and eyebrows of hair are stuck tweezing, waxing, threading, or using chemical creams. The chemicals found in conventional waxes at salons are often harsh on skin and can lead to breakouts. Instead of wasting money on other treatments, check out this easy, DIY wax you can make right at home.

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Simply combine a half cup of warm water with a half cup of lemon juice. Stir in 2 dl of sugar until a thick paste is made. Place the mixture on the area of skin where hair needs to be removed. Cover the wax with a cloth strip (old flannel shirts can be torn into scraps) and then quickly remove. Wipe off any access with a warm, wet washcloth.

Do not forget to moisturize the skin both before and after to avoid any irritation. This can be done naturally using grapeseed or jojoba oils, which can help reduce inflammation and redness. Applying witch hazel after a wax can also help prevent against bacteria that may gravitate towards the recently treated skin. Prior to using any waxes or creams, whether homemade or store bought, a patch test should always be done on the arm to ensure there are no allergies that could lead to breakouts or irritation.

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For those who suffer from citrus allergies, an alternative home made alternative may be necessary. Making a paste from turmeric, flour, and milk. Place the paste on the skin and once it has dried, peel the mixture off. Remember to moisturize with any and all methods of hair removal, as skin is especially sensitive to the face. While this and the above wax may cause a bit of pain or irritation, it’s a far more natural – and inexpensive – way to remove stubborn facial hair.

For more information on sugar wax, check out this great video tutorial.

While nearly all women have some sort of unwanted facial hair, it doesn’t have to mean a costly trip to the waxing salon or threader. Instead, DIY waxes and depilatories offer a great alternative to those with sensitive skin, aversions to chemicals, or just thrifty gals that want to do as much at home as they can.

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