A Mother’s Liver Transplant Screening for Her Son Saves Her Own Life


A Mother’s Liver Transplant Screening for Her Son Saves Her Own Life

Kerri Evensen, a Wisconsin mother, was just trying to save one of her son’s lives by undergoing a liver transplant. However, she ended up saved her own life in the process. When Evensen was being scanned by an MRI to ensure a portion of her liver could be donated to her 4-year-old son Auden, doctors found an aneurysm right by her kidney. For those who don’t know, an aneurysm happens when a blood vessel swells due to some kind of weakness.

A Mother's Liver Transplant Screening for Her Son Saves Her Own Life

Evensen said that she never felt any symptoms from this aneurysm before. If she had not gone through this MRI screening, she might have passed away unexpectedly.

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Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. Evensen was able to have surgery to treat the aneurysm, and she is now healthy enough to donate 40 percent of her liver to her son in November. Doctors expect that both mother and son will be healthy for many years after this long-awaited liver transplant takes place.

donates liver to son

Auden has a rare liver disease that makes it difficult for his body to regulate body sugars. This makes Auden extremely fatigued even after only a few minutes of play time.

Evensen told reporters that Auden 100 percent saved her life. Perhaps there is no better example of instant karma. Because Evensen was so willing to give to her son, she saved her own life. Who could really say who saved who here?

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