Thinking About Getting a Pedicure? Read THIS First


Thinking About Getting a Pedicure? Read THIS First

A few stories in the news will make everyone think twice about getting a pedicure in the future.

First off, an Arkansas native named Stacey Wilson decided to get a pedicure on February 6th. While the pedicurist was rubbing her pumice stone on her heel, Wilson felt a sharp pain. Wilson knew her foot was injured, but she thought nothing serious went wrong.

1 Thinking About Getting a Pedicure? Read THIS First

It was only a few days later that Wilson noticed her ankle was swollen. Wilson also noticed the symptoms of a fever as the days progressed. After the pain in her foot became unbearable, Wilson went into the emergency room for treatment.

The doctor in the emergency room saw that Wilson had an infection cellulitis, most likely contracted from the pedicure. Thankfully, after treatment, Wilson is doing fine today.


A second tale that has to do with pedicure infections comes out of Indiana. Bruce Walters, a 63-year-old male, decided to pamper himself while he was in Indiana. Walters went to a local salon and ordered one pedicure. Everything went fine, or so he thought.

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Only after Walters returned to his home in Washington D.C., ten days after his pedicure, did he realize something went very wrong. Walters experienced swelling in his foot, as well as nausea and dizziness.

After visiting a local doctor, Walters discovered that he had contracted a major infection from the pedicure. The doctor advised Walter to have surgery immediately to stop the inflammation of his leg.

Thinking About Getting a Pedicure? Read THIS First

All in all, Walter had to go through five surgeries to get the infection out. Had he not got medical attention sooner, doctors believe that they would have had to amputate one of Walter’s limbs. In the photos released by GeoBeats News, people can see the extent to which one of Walter’s legs was swollen.

The bacteria that caused this infection most likely entered Walter’s feet during the pedicure. After Walter spent three weeks recovering in the hospital from his surgeries, he was able to leave fully recovered. While Walter is ok now, his story also serves as a cautionary tale for anyone else thinking about getting a pedicure in the future.

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