Look What A Mom Finds Inside Of Her Boy’s Knee…It’s Terrible


Look What A Mom Finds Inside Of Her Boy’s Knee…It’s Terrible

During a family trip to the beach, 4-year-old Paul Franklin fell and scuffed his right knee. That’s not unusual; little boys do it all the time. What makes this story remarkable and fascinating is finding what surfaced from his inflamed knee: a snail!

Paul was walking along the beach in Alison Viejo, California when he grazed his knee against a rock. Paul’s dad Ken Franklin told CNN that they just cleaned the wound and put a Band-Aid on it. A couple of weeks later, his knee began to swell and looked somewhat infected. The boy’s mother, Rachael, promptly brought him to the doctor, who diagnosed that that it might be a vicious infection. The infection was minimized by the antibiotics, but black bump underneath the skin continued to grow.

Look What A Mom Finds Inside Of Her Boy's Knee...It's Terrible

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Racheal decided to take matters into her own hands. She began to drain the bump by squeezing with her fingers, and out popped a black thing. It looked like a black rock to her at first. She put it on a paper towel and started inspecting the weird looking rock. She noticed some swirls on it, turned it over and realized it was a tiny sea snail! His family figured that the snail egg must have gotten under Paul’s skin when he scraped his knee.

Paul was so proud of his crazy rock that he named it “Turbo,” after the star of an animated feature.


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