The Reason Why Her Baby Was Constantly Drowsy Is Terrifying


The Reason Why Her Baby Was Constantly Drowsy Is Terrifying

A mother realized her worst nightmare when she noticed her 8-month-old baby was constantly drowsy every time she picked him up from day care. The otherwise energetic baby would go to bed at 6:00 pm and would not wake up until 6:00 am according to his mother. Leslee Meade, the baby’s mother, considered taking her baby to the emergency room over the strange behavior, but she received a call from the Department of Human Services before she got the chance.

The Reason Why Her Baby Was Constantly Drowsy Terrifies Other Parents

The Department of Human Services informed her, as they had to inform six other parents, a former employee of the day care came forward and revealed being a witness to employees being told by the owner, Beverly Sue Stair, to drug the babies with Benadryl. In light of this information, an investigation into the situation is being conducted by the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office.

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Babies exposed to Benadryl too soon, in excess, and without doctor’s approval can result in severe dangerous outcomes such as early death. Thankfully, for the seven babies affected in the Oklahoma-based day care, they all recovered and did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. Beverly Sue Stair is up for charges of child abuse.

Parents send their children to day care facilities to take care of their children when they are away. They do their due diligence and trust the people they leave their children with will give them the utmost care. This is not the first incident of a child care provider getting caught administering Benadryl to babies to put them to sleep. Parents need to be aware and take their children to the emergency room immediately if they find their baby is behaving abnormally in such a way. This group of kids did not die, but the possibility was there.

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