His Head Was Itchy…Now Watch His Friend’s Reaction When He Looked Closer- Really Scary!


His Head Was Itchy…Now Watch His Friend’s Reaction When He Looked Closer- Really Scary!

This video that was posted in January of 2013 by YouTuber MrArrowmax shows a bald man appearing to have something out of the ordinary on the back of his head. His friend offers to help him out and remove said gunk, but what comes out is pretty shocking. After carefully pinching the unknown skin issue between a cloth, the man pulls and pulls, then pulls some more. Whatever is stuck inside of the man’s skin simply will not stop coming out, and has the rest of the onlookers gasping.

His Head Was Itchy...Now Watch His Friend's Reaction When He Looked Closer- Really Scary!



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Many have speculated on what this could be, and it really is anyone’s guess. The description for the video claims that it is a botfly, but the sheer amount that is removed makes that hard to believe. It appears to be some sort of gauze, perhaps put in place to pack a wound or boil. Whatever the culprit, this is pretty hard to watch, and fairly disgusting to say the least! The especially squeamish may want to sit this one out and find a cute kitten video to view instead. Hopefully this poor man has had the blockage removed by now!

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