Health Benefits Of Using Astragalus During Pregnancy


Health Benefits Of Using Astragalus During Pregnancy

Astragalus has been used for about 2000 years as a traditional medicine by Chinese people. It provides a multiple of health benefits. Some of the outmost benefits of Astragalus for health include protecting heart health, eliminating allergies, boosting energy levels, preventing certain types of cancer, reducing stress, slowing the aging process, strengthening the immune system, and preventing chronic illnesses etc. Especially, you can also use Astragalus membranaceus to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. So, what are health benefits of using Astragalus during pregnancy?

Health Benefits Of Using Astragalus During Pregnancy
1. Increase The Strengthen Of Immunity

Generally, because of weak immunity, pregnancy often makes you tender to various infections, diseases, and viruses. Luckily, Astragalus can help you well because it acts as an immune system booster and enhances your immunity. In addition, it gives you protection from several gestational diabetes, microbial infections, as well as other ailments while expecting. So, you should not ignore this wonderful food during pregnancy.

2. Lessen Minimizes Fatigue And Re-energizes

Your body utilizes energy while expecting so you may experience fatigue and weakness. Again, Astragalus is one of the best herbs for reducing fatigue. It helps to prevent bouts of fatigue and improves your stamina during pregnancy. In fact, the use of Astragalus can help you keep your energy levels and refresh you.

3. Treat Constipation And Flatulence

While expecting, your body tends to produce increasing quantities of a vital hormone – progesterone, which maintains a safe and healthy pregnancy. But, your digestion process will be reduced significantly by progesterone, thus leading to flatulence. To solve your problem, it’s advisable to use Astragalus because it gives you great cure from the flatulence, gas, and constipation problem while expecting. If you suffer from constipation during pregnancy, you may use this awesome herb to eliminate the troubles.

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4. Treat Kidney Stones And Bladder Infection

During pregnancy, you can also use Astragalus as an excellent remedy to prevent kidney stones and treat a urinary bladder infection too. The smooth functioning of the liver will be promoted by using this herb in the delicate phase.

5. Deal With Allergies In Pregnancy

While you are pregnant you may experience certain allergies. However, you may stay away from using over-the-counter medicines or medications to cope with the allergies. As mentioned above, using Astragalus is a safe remedy while pregnant. And it’s appropriate solution to get relief from a few allergy symptoms. Moreover, while you are expecting, it helps to cure the symptoms of asthma. Hence, you also put it on your list of safe and natural remedies for treating allergies.

6. Enhance Smooth Functioning Of Liver

During pregnancy, your body produces more hormones than usual. Therefore, your liver has to work harder than normal. Using Astragalus helps to enhance smooth liver function and repairs liver damage as well.

7. Lower Pre-Eclampsia Risk

Last but not least, one of the best health benefits of Astragalus during pregnancy is reducing pre-eclampsia risk. Further, if you have a family history of obesity, diabetes, organ transplants, autoimmune diseases, sickle cell disease, hypertension, or PCOS, Astragalus helps prevent pre-eclampsia. You can also mix it with other natural, liver-protectors such as dandelion and milk thistle.

8. Sleep Issues

Consumption of astragalus root extract regularly can help you get back into a good and healthy Circadian rhythm quickly if you suffer from sleeplessness, insomnia, or interrupted sleep patterns. Astragalus helps to deliver restful, uninterrupted sleep by promoting overall health, hormonal balance and metabolic efficiency. Hence, remember to consume it when you face some problems in your sleep.

Even though there are a variety of Astragalus benefits on health while expecting, using certain species of this herb may cause some side effects. Using locoweed, an Astragalus species can lead to certain birth defects and fetal malformations if you use this herb while expecting. So, it’s advised to stay away from using locoweed during pregnancy. Moreover, the use of locoweed can cause miscarriage or abortion during pregnancy, so it’s best for you to stay away from it during the pregnancy.

A few common side effects of the herb are hives, digestive discomfort, nausea, breathing difficulties, swelling of the face, rash, as well as uneasiness in the chest. Hence, to avoid some side effects while using Astragalus, you should consult your physician or gynecologist to use it in the right species and in the right amounts. Did you use this herb while expecting? Share your experiences with us and other moms in the comment section below.

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