Dead Teen is Back to Life After Miraculous Encounter


Dead Teen is Back to Life After Miraculous Encounter

At age 17, Zack Clements was a key player on his high school football team. Residing in Brownwood, Texas, he attended Victory Life Academy. Zack was in top physical form – strong, lean, and toned, the whole nine yards regarding fitness. It’s inconceivable that such a healthy boy could be pronounced dead teen. Yet last year, it happened.

Dead Teen is Back to Life After Miraculous Encounter

Birthday 911

Coinciding with Zack’s birthday, the crisis occurred on May 5, 2015. Zack was in training, running with his teammates. Suddenly, he lost consciousness, collapsing on the field. Immediately, the school notified Zack’s mother. Upon seeing her son, she was struck with terror. Zack’s skin was blue, and EMTs were frantically performing CPR.

Clinical Death

An ambulance whisked Zack to the local hospital, where the cardiology team worked feverishly for 20 minutes. Zack had suffered cardiac arrest. Lacking oxygen for such a prolonged period, heart and brain damage were likely. Doctors drenched in sweat eyed the flat line on the cardiac monitor. The situation seemed hopeless. Just as the team prepared to stop working, Zack’s heart started beating!

A helicopter airlifted Zack to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, where he remained unconscious. Rigged to machines from head to toe, it was doubtful he would survive. While his body appeared limp and unresponsive, another part of Zack entered a spiritual realm.

Clinical Death


Miraculous Encounter

Before him stood a man with a dense beard, long wavy hair, and blue eyes. Steeped in peace, Zack recognized the man as Jesus. Approaching him, Jesus placed a reassuring hand on the teen’s shoulder. “Everything is going to be all right. Don’t worry,” Jesus said. Surrounding Him was a group of singing angels. Comforted, Zack sensed he would survive.


When Zack’s heart resumed beating, he was medically induced into a coma. Doctors used this protective measure to help Zack’s brain stabilize. Deprived of blood and oxygen, his brain had suffered acute trauma.

Dr. Lisa Roten advised that Zack’s heart failure had three causes – a rhythm disturbance, coronary artery abnormality, and cardiac inflammation. People in such dire condition usually remain comatose and don’t recover.

Bleak Prognosis

Zack had been clinically dead. If he regained consciousness, he’d likely be nonfunctional. School principal Gary Bay is a former EMT. He said it was one of the gravest situations he’d ever witnessed.

Zack Awakens

Three days after being hospitalized, Zack emerged from his coma, fully alert. The medical team was astonished! Mr. Bay credits the staff’s efficiency and diligence for Zack’s recovery. Doctors don’t usually persist in trying to revive someone for such an extended period.

Zack Awakens

Beyond Explanation

Zack’s parents see his restoration as divine intervention. Mrs. Clements says, “It’s a miracle – there is no other word!” Skeptics have bombarded Zack’s father with questions. Many consider Zack’s account a fabricated lie. However, Mr. Clements resolutely believes his son.

So does Zack’s cardiologist. Dr. Roten states that people often feel uncomfortable with the idea of an afterlife. Zack’s near-death experience was horrifyingly real. Mentally sound, he has no reason to conjure up a false tale of his ordeal.

Zack Today

One year later, Zack is well, with no trace of disability! To prevent further cardiac episodes, he wears a defibrillator vest. If the apparatus detects a dangerous heart rhythm, it will restore normal function.

Teen Came Back After 20 Min of Death...Here's What He Says

Having crossed the threshold of death and glimpsing heaven, Zack’s faith is stronger. He’s ever grateful to the people who labored together on his behalf. He feels both overwhelmed and humbled by the experience. Zack Clements will never take life for granted. Smiling broadly, he says, “I’m just glad to be here.”

Absolute Truth

Science and logic can’t negate facts. When human events defy reason, it makes you scratch your head. However, this truth can’t be disputed. A young man formerly dead is now vibrantly alive.

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