After Watching This You’ll Pack Your Vacation Belongings Carefully


After Watching This You’ll Pack Your Vacation Belongings Carefully

How many of you know what a “botfly” is? They are a species of fly that is native to Belize that like to lay their eggs inside large mammals, including humans. The majority of large mammals have built in defense mechanisms thanks to thousands of years of evolution telling them to get the hell out of Dodge when they see one. Unfortunately, humans are not always that evolved.

Vacation Belongings

Now that we have established that, how many of you know what it is like to have an inch long maggot burrowed into your freaking skull and using your soft-tissue as sustenance while it slowly grows inside of you only to emerge after a massive feeding frenzy leaves you hunched over and puking your guts out when you realize what in the hell just happened. Unfortunately, now I know…

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Watch as these crazy vacationers learn the hard way why you should NEVER EVER EVER vacation in Belize (at least not without bringing a massive amount of bug spray and other assorted anti-critter items).

Warning: This video is NOT for the faint of heart as this reviewer nearly vomited after watching. Seriously, do not watch this video if you are prone to bouts of projectile vomiting after watching something gross. REMEMBER: Once you watch this video – you will NEVER be able to “un-see” it.

You have been warned…

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