Look What Happened to His Knee After He Got A Spider Bite


Look What Happened to His Knee After He Got A Spider Bite

In this gruesome video, Nick Hanson drains an incredible amount of pus from his swollen knee with a pin. Hanson reports that he was bitten by a brown recluse spider while he was visiting Indiana, and that he never noticed the bite when it happened. Three to four days later, his leg was swollen beyond his belief.

He Got A Spider Bite

When Hanson’s friend pierces the source of the bite, a river of pus oozes down his arm and soaks a tissue. By the end of the video, he appears to be in a great deal of pain. The swelling in his knee has not been reduced.

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Brown recluse spiders are known for the violin-shaped mark on their backs, but it can be hard to identify this mark in a natural setting. They are found mainly in the central and southern United States. The poisonous bite from a brown recluse spider is often painless, and symptoms of the bite take several hours to develop. One of the first symptoms is burning or itching at the site of the bite. Then the bitten area may become discolored, and an ulcer will appear near the bite. This ulcer is persistent, and can grow for several weeks.

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