Here Is What Your Palms Can Tell You About Your Love Life


Here Is What Your Palms Can Tell You About Your Love Life

Palm reading is an ancient and mysterious art that many believe can tell volumes about an individual’s life and possible future. While many of us are still not brave enough to seek the counsel of a psychic reader to determine what may come, reading your own palm line at home can provide some interesting insights into your current and future love life.

First, to locate the palm line which tells about love and marriage, hold your hands together, palms facing up. The first line underneath your smallest finger (called the Mercury’s finger by palm reading experts) is known as the love or marriage line. Where they fall on your left and right hands, as well as which direction they take, holds information about your potential love life.

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First off all, there is a difference between right and left palm lines, even if they do match up when hands are held side by side. You might notice that one hand has a deeper love line and the other is shallower, or that one is composed of several broken lines while the other is more contiguous. Palm readers generally agree that the left-hand shows only potential – what could come to pass, based on the choices you make or future events and circumstances. The right-hand shows what is already true based on your past or current situation. This is an important distinction to bear in mind when reading your love and marriage lines. Because of this and the idea that palm lines contain information about one’s personality and potential, many of these predictions will be similar for both men and women.

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When holding both hands together with palms facing you, if the palm lines perfectly align and are at the same height, this indicates a steady relationship. People with this configuration have good common sense and are generally easy-going though they resist sudden change.

same height palms

If the right palm line is higher than the left, this indicates wisdom beyond your years and a general disregard for others’ opinions. In love, these people are attracted to older partners and tend to pursue their desires regardless of social norms.

Right Palm Higher

If the left palm line is higher than the right, this indicates passionate and impulsive love. These partners love challenges and risk, and might become caught up in each other very quickly and even elope.

Left is higher

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