Find Out What The Shape Of Your Toes Tell About Your Personality


Find Out What The Shape Of Your Toes Tell About Your Personality

You might be very surprised to learn that foot and toe shape can tell you something about personality. While everyone has toes, we don’t usually think about what different toe and foot shapes might actually mean. In fact, taking a time to compare foot and toe shape to your own or others you’ve seen may not be something you’ve done or have only done rarely. However, people might take a second look at toes after finding out they may reveal a person’s personality.

Shape of Your Feet

Foot Shapes

Everyone has a different kind of foot shape. Foot shape encompasses the length of the toes, how the toes compare to each other, and the overall shape of the foot. While everyone’s feet are unique, most feet fit into three basic types: Greek, Roman, or Egyptian. Greek feet have a second toe longer than the big toe and then toes decrease in length in stair-step formation. This creates an almost inverted “V” shape at the front of the foot. Roman feet, meanwhile, have the first three toes being of equal length and the last two slightly shorter than the first three and each other. Egyptian feet are usually long, narrow feet with toes that go down exactly in length from the big toe to the little toe with each toe being a bit shorter. While it may seem surprising that foot shape might say something about ancestry and personality, many other physical characteristics have been linked back to certain areas and peoples over centuries of time and still exist today in their descendants. Perhaps feet aren’t so different after all.

Your Feet May is Telling You Something

What Personality Type?

So, what does each type of foot actually suggest about a person’s personality? First, let’s look at the overall shape of the foot. Greek and Roman feet tend to be significantly wider than Egyptian feet. A wide foot suggests your feet are firmly planted on the ground. People with wide feet are said to be busy go-and-doers rather than those who sit about. Meanwhile, those who have the narrow Egyptian feet are said to have the personality of royalty and are born destined to be taken care of. They require beauty in their surroundings, and aesthetics is important.

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The length of the toes also is reported to have a say in personality. This is where those with Greek feet are lucky. Because they have a long second toe, Greek feet are supposed to be associated with excellent qualities of leadership. Greek feet also suggest a person is dynamic and resourceful as well. Those with Egyptian feet tend to have a noticeably longer first toe than any of the others. Along big toe is said to belong to the person who is creative and imaginative. People with long big toes are said to be ingenious problem solvers because they never fail to see a problem from different angles. However, due to having so many ideas, those with Egyptian feet may have trouble focusing and seeing projects through. For those with Roman feet, a big toe of comparable size to the other toes suggests the person are good at multi-tasking. They are also said to be efficient. Thirdly, Roman footed people are supposed to be good persuaders.


Some people are fortunate enough to have a combination of different foot types on one foot or each foot being a different type! What does have a combination foot mean about your personality? Most people suggest that it means you have some characteristics from both types. For example, a person with a slightly longer second toe, but who also has a long big toe might have less of the specific traits associated with one foot type or the other and more of a blend. This person might balance good leadership skills with creativity. Likewise, having a blended foot can be associated with being wishy-washy or unable to make up one’s mind.

Fertility and Longevity

Some sources suggest the fourth toe tells a lot about fertility and family focus. Those who have a long fourth toe are supposedly very family focused and may be more fertile than those who have a fourth toe that is markedly short. People with Roman feet are more prone to the short fourth toe, but it isn’t all bad. Those with the short fourth toe have great focus and dedication to their passions – the focus just isn’t necessarily on love. Likewise, the size of your foot can supposedly predict longevity, according to a Swedish study. Those who had average to slightly large feet had the longest life spans while those on the extremes were less likely to be long-lived.

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