Demi Lovato Goes Nude & Makeup-Free, Watch What Is The Reason


Demi Lovato Goes Nude & Makeup-Free, Watch What Is The Reason

We all know that going nude isn’t something done lightly. It takes a lot of love for a person or a specific cause to get a woman to pose without hiding any skin. However, once in a while, such an event does happen! For example, Demi Lovato, the popular singer, and actress is open about suffering from bipolar disorder. This condition has led her into feeling horrible about her body at times. Determined to send a message that body image isn’t everything, Lovato committed to a photo session where there would be no clothes, no make-up, and no photo retouching.

Nude & Makeup-Free

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Photographer Patrick Ecclesine was in charge of the photo shoot, and the results are stunning. The photos have been compiled in a video that make Lovato look natural and beautiful. What do you think? Do you think Lovato showing her physical flaws will help other women gain confidence? Let us know below!

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