Surprising Study Reveals How in Future You Might Be Able To Change Your Blood Type


Surprising Study Reveals How in Future You Might Be Able To Change Your Blood Type

Scientists discovered an enzyme that can change a person’s blood type

We see blood as a red fluid that oozes out from our body when we have punctures or wounds. But blood is more than just a red fluid from our body; it is a composite, live tissue that comprises many cell types and proteins that keep people alive.

Different molecules are connected to the red blood cells. Red blood cells have an extra sugar molecule which makes them distinctive from each other. Blood is typed according to the presence or absence of these sugar molecules that are attached to them. Blood types are classified as either A, B, AB or O.

Surprising Study Reveals How in Future You Might Be Able To Change Your Blood Type

People who are type A have one kind of sugar molecule, B another and AB both. Blood type O people have neither, and that is the reason why of all the four blood types, O is the universal donor because the O blood type is the most useful and common. The difference between blood types may seem small, but transfusion using the wrong blood can be fatal.

Blood type comes from genes, which means an offspring may have a similar blood type as the parents or the children. Blood types were once thought to be the same for life. And, in almost every case, they’re still thought to be with a person for life, until this latest discovery.

Recently, researchers have come up with a remarkable way to change the blood type with the use of an enzyme which takes off the extra sugar molecule, altering the blood to be more like blood type O.

Scientists have found a way to change a person’s blood type. By using a special enzyme, donated blood in types A, B or AB already in the bags can be turned into type O, which happens to be universal donor blood that can be donated to anyone.

A technology was developed to produce this powerful enzyme that can take off the sugar molecules and a new system called directed evolution was put in place to make the enzyme many times more effective.

This means that finally, there will be no more danger of a patient dying due to the shortage of the particular blood type, because this “modified” blood can be given to anyone. In short, more blood will be available to all patients.

This method has not been perfected, but rigid tests are ongoing so that blood will be easily available in the future. This finding also opens up the possibility of discovering other ways that may enable changing one’s blood type within our own bodies. Scientists are excited and very confident that this matter can be taken a whole lot further in providing sufficient blood supply to those who need it.

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