Mother Got Shocking Prescription for Her Little Girl


Mother Got Shocking Prescription for Her Little Girl

Stricken with a high fever and odd bumps on her skin, two year old Rafaeli Trinidade was sick. Her fever kept returning throughout the night and the little girl seemed as if she was not getting better. Veri Trinidade, Rafaeli’s mother, knew her daughter was sick enough that she might need a trip to the hospital. Veri struggled with the dilemma of whether to bring bring her beautiful baby girl to the local Brazilian hospital or not. A trip to the hospital for a fever should not invoke so much fear but Veri has had terrible encounters with the Brazilian health care system in the past. However, Veri’s fear for her daughter’s health was stronger than her awful past experiences with Brazilian hospitals. She took little Rafaeli in for a check-up.

Shocking Prescription

It was to Veri Trinidade’s surprise when the physician, Dr. Marcelo Lufiego, displayed patience and kindness while taking care for little Rafaeli. Veri noted that not only was she in complete surprise but her daughter was in such shock about the gentle treatment that she did not cry at all. After the check-up was complete, Dr. Marcelo Lufiego wrote a prescription for both mother and daughter. The prescription read, “Rafaeli, get well soon! Kisses from Dr. Nice Guy.” This small act of kindness was enough to warm Veri’s heart. The doctor’s kind gesture went viral when Veri shared a picture of the prescription and her heartfelt reaction to it on Facebook.

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In a country that has been going through economic and political turmoil, Veri’s non-existent trust in the public health system is commonplace. A kind gesture such as this provides a bright light in a bleak situation that is currently going on in Brazil; it supplies people with hope that there are those with big hearts still out there.

It also reminds people that the healthcare system is not always cold and distant. We are living in a time where healthcare is calculated in dollars and hospital waiting times; an entire process that seems mechanic and automated. There seems to be no time for conversation or connection as doctors cycle through their patients. But stories like this remind us that there are still people out there who still care. There are still people who go beyond what they are expected to do and surprise you with their empathy and compassion. Instances like this remind us that we still are humans that hope and rely on one another in times of need. In this case, Veri not only needed to be ensured that her daughter would be treated but she also needed to know she can confide in others to take care of her in her times of need.


Physicians like Dr. Marcelo Lufiego are few and far in-between. They tend to transcend what they are expected to do. I wish more doctors remembered this when they interact with their patients. Sometimes patients are battling more than just an illness. Sometimes patients are looking for more than just a check-up; patients like to be reminded that they are people, too. People filled with fears, hopes and aspirations; people looking for a good doctor who can see that beyond the medical charts.

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