The Beauty and Power of Childbirth


The Beauty and Power of Childbirth

Daughter Supporting Mother

1. Giving birth at home makes all the members of the family active contributors in the process of birth. This amazing bonding experience is empowering for soon to be siblings as well and sets up a wonderful caring dynamic that begins at birth and lasts a lifetime.

Fascinating Connection

2. The amazing moment right after a mother has given birth and she is still connected to her baby via the umbilical cord. Each cord is unique and fascinating to behold.

Pure Joy

3. A mother’s elation as she holds her newborn in her arms. In the moments after natural birth both mother and baby experience a huge rush of oxytocin, known as the love hormone.

The Breastfeeding Bond

4. In the minutes and hours after birth a baby will instinctively start rooting and creeping towards his mother’s breast. These first feedings are very important to establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship. Support helps lead to long-term breastfeeding success.

Support Team

5. The process of childbirth is called labor for a reason. Though women bear the physical burdens of labor, their partners can be transformed as well by watching their loved ones give birth.

Modern Medical Birth

6. In situations where a doctor or midwife deems a vaginal birth isn’t appropriate, a Caesarean section may be performed. This surgery, though overused in many countries, is still a miraculous birth experience when truly necessary.

Baby Bliss

7. The way we choose to give birth seems to have some effect on how our newborns respond in their first moments on earth. This sweet baby was quiet and peaceful after an extremely tranquil birth experience.

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Born In The Caul

8. One of the rare yet spectacular variations on normal birth can occur when a baby is born while still inside the amniotic sac. In most births the sac will burst at some point before the baby is born, but in this situation baby is still encased peacefully within a thin yet strong watery membrane.

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