Deep Incisions and Blood Had Suddenly Appeared on Her Ankle…Now Her Parents Warn Others About These Cute Shoes


Deep Incisions and Blood Had Suddenly Appeared on Her Ankle…Now Her Parents Warn Others About These Cute Shoes

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Esme stopped trotting around the garden and began sobbing in agony, her ankle bleeding profusely. Lisa Conner, the two-year-old child’s mother, raced to her side, and promptly removed her sandals. Deep incisions had suddenly appeared on her right ankle. “There was blood all around her ankle and on the sole of her foot,” Lisa reported. “The worst cut is just under her right ankle bone.”


Esme had received Next jelly sandals for a birthday present on Friday. Not long after she had worn the sandals for a short time on Monday, she began crying out in pain.

Next jelly sandals are made from a bright, jelly-like plastic material that is appealing and should be very comfortable. for Esme they were not, and strangely, only her right foot was affected. Her father spent an hour soothing her, and the birthday fun everyone had looked forward to was spoiled.

Why would these cute little sandals cause such an injury for a child who wore them for a very short time?
Maeve Kierans of may have the answer in a blog she wrote advising people not to buy the jelly shoes.

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Slippery soles
The shoe bottoms are terribly slippery. According to Kierans, the chances of taking a prat-fall in Next jellies is pretty high, even in the flat soles that Esme was wearing.

Feet don’t breathe
The material the sandals are made from does not give feet a chance to breath normally. When that happens, sweat pools in the shoes and the feet begin sliding around in the sandal. Cuts and blisters are inevitable.

Holes in the front of the shoe
The little holes are welcoming doorways for pebbles to enter, delivering a painful collection of stones to the bottom of the foot.


So awfully appealing!
Jelly sandals of any brand are so cunningly cute that most purchasers blow off the notion of breaking them in – at first. Dear parents, avoid buying jelly sandals- they are not for children!


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