Woman Attacked by Kangaroo While Cycling Goes Under the Operating Knife for Surprising Reason


Woman Attacked by Kangaroo While Cycling Goes Under the Operating Knife for Surprising Reason

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In a surprising twist of fate, a woman who was attacked by a male kangaroo while biking the Riesling Trail in South Australia’s Clare Valley has attributed an unanticipated guardian angel with saving her life: her breast implants.

Woman Attacked by Kangaroo While Cycling Goes Under the Operating Knife for Surprising Reason

Sharon Heinrich, 45, a care worker from Clare, was on a typical bike ride with her friend and co-worker Helen Salter, 47, when the companions were attacked by a 141 pound kangaroo. The buck vaulted onto the two friends from a five foot ledge, launching itself at Heinrich’s bicycle, then leaping on to Salter with its powerful hind legs.

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“I saw him and thought ‘oh isn’t he cute’ – then he was on top of me,” Heinrich said. “I’m 5’4″ and he was taller than me, and so heavy. Once he landed on me, he used me to launch off again, which caused more damage.”


Without phones to call for help, Salter traveled to the nearby town of Penwortham, where a local business was able to call for an ambulance. Heinrich, meanwhile, remained on the trail, in the care of several tourists who happened to be in the area. Though the pair made a lucky escape, they were not left completely unscathed: Salter was left concussed, while Heinrich sustained three fractured ribs, multiple abrasions and lacerations, and an internal breast implant rupture. She was brought to a hospital in Adelaide for emergency surgery and has since recovered fantastically.

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Heinrich harbors no ill will toward the roo, however, going so far as to thank the animal— indeed, she credits him with gifting her larger breast implants.

“Santa brought me 10 DDs in 2000, and it turns out they were 320 millilitres in size, but the surgeon this time has put in 400 millilitres so now they are bigger,” she said.


Heinrich has shown a remarkable sense of humor in relation to the attack, even posting pictures on her Facebook where she can be seen posing with a stuffed kangaroo bedecked in boxing equipment. She has also responded to questions regarding the circumstances surrounding the attack and what provoked the buck with her trademark wit: “I wasn’t [menstruating], but what I was doing was wearing my husband’s underarm deodorant Brut for men, so maybe he thought I was another male and that’s why he jumped me. The back of my hair looks a bit like a kangaroo’s a**se so that might have done it, too.”

But it’s not just her ability to make light of a horrifying situation that contributed to her seemingly nutty declaration about her breast implants; doctors have stated Heinrich is lucky to have survived the incident. “Even my doctor said how I’ve come out of this is just incredible,” she said, “They [her breast implants] worked as air bags… Now I have an extra 80 each side. Australia can be a harsh country, so best to be safe now. I suppose I should be thanking the kangaroo.”

As a result of the attack, Heinrich has raised her voice in support of adding kangaroo warning signs to trails. Even though she lives in the area and is aware of the presence and danger of kangaroos, she still fell victim to a startling attack; tourists from the city, she says, “have no idea”. However, Heinrich hopes this incident won’t deter visitors from enjoying the natural beauty: “Please don’t let anybody be scared, because it was a beautiful, beautiful ride before ‘Skip’ played,” she told ABC News.



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