Watch How Hero Dermatologist Slashes the Large Egg-Sized Cyst on Her Head


Watch How Hero Dermatologist Slashes the Large Egg-Sized Cyst on Her Head

A woman finally sought relief after having an overgrown cyst on her head for more than 20 years. Why she didn’t seek help for the large cyst before is unbeknown to the onlookers and Dr. Sandra Lee who was the pimple popper. The woman said that the large egg-sized cyst caused her to have self-esteem issues and recurring bouts of shyness and isolation. However, she didn’t seek help to get it removed until it recently grew even bigger than its already enormous size. Dr. Lee is a long-time cyst removal expert and dermatologist. She was delighted to perform the procedure on live television for thousands to see.

Cyst on Her Head

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The onlookers marveled at the sickening procedures as Dr. Lee performed it. The entire procedure took her only a hair over two minutes to finish. Watchers could not turn their eyes away as Dr. Lee cut through the cyst and released the cheesy dead skin that had been nesting and festering inside of the cyst.

The woman was relieved to have the cyst off of her, and the pimple popper was happy to be of service. You have to watch this video to gain a full understand of how you can be disgusted and still not turn away. The procure went well even though getting to the end of it was pretty nasty.

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