Young Girl Dies From Allergic Shock After Kissing Her Boyfriend


Young Girl Dies From Allergic Shock After Kissing Her Boyfriend

Life seemed to be going great for 20-year-old Myriam Ducre-Lemay. She met the man of her dreams. Just a week prior to her death, she told her mother that she was in love. Her mother, Micheline Ducre, stated that it was the first time she had ever seen such a bright light in her daughter’s eyes. This man was someone special and he truly cared about her. The love the couple shared makes what happened even more fateful.


A Kiss Worth Dying For

On October 12, 2012, Ducre-Lemay was at her boyfriend’s house for a party. After the party had ended, her boyfriend got a peanut butter sandwich. He came back into his bedroom and kissed his girlfriend. Little did he know that it would be the last kiss he would ever give her. She suffered from a peanut allergy, and she did not tell him about her condition. She usually carried an EpiPen with her to combat the condition, but on this night, she had forgotten to bring along her medication.

Kiss Worth Dying

If Only She Had Been Open

When her boyfriend told her that he had just finished a peanut butter sandwiched, she whispered the words “call 911.” Her airway had already begun to swell shut, and she was having a hard time breathing. The ambulance arrived, and they immediately began working to revive the now breathless girl. It had been just eight minutes after that kiss, and she went into cardiopulmonary arrest inside the ambulance. Though she used an inhaler in an attempt to reopen her airway passages, it was not strong enough to combat the toxins response.


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The Cause of Death was Oxygen Deprivation

At the hospital, they resuscitated her for a brief period. However, the doctors discovered that she had suffered from a severe cerebral anoxia, which is a hypoxia situation. Due to the fact that her brain was completely deprived of oxygen, she died a short time later. Had she wore a medical bracelet or let the boyfriend know about her allergies, she might still be with us today. Her mother has made it her life’s goal to let others know how quickly an allergy like this can take your life.

Peanut Allergies Affect Millions

The peanut allergy is something that is getting more press these days, as the numbers of those suffering are on the rise. Researchers now estimate that more than 15 million people in America suffer from a peanut allergy. It specifically targets children between the ages of 1 and 13, which is roughly two children in every classroom. It seems that the numbers keep rising, but they cannot find the reason why. The Centers for Disease Control is just as baffled as researchers.

How To Prevent A Deadly Error

When it comes to Ducre-Lemay, she probably thought there was no need to tell her boyfriend about her condition. However, after consuming peanuts, the saliva still has residue from the nuts for up to four hours after consumption. Had he know about her allergy, he could have prevented this horrible event. If she had her pen with her, it would have easily opened her airways and prevented her death. Carrying an EpiPen is not cool, and it is certainly not popular, but it can save a life. This is a senseless death that can help educate the importance of being open and honest about allergies.

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