Father Notices Strange Red Lines On His Son’s Back. What Happens In 2 Days Will Shock You


Father Notices Strange Red Lines On His Son’s Back. What Happens In 2 Days Will Shock You

If someone notices a weird rash or sunburn, get to the doctor ASAP. Four boys and a girl were found to have blisters and a burning sensation on various parts of their bodies after spending time outside. The burning sensation came over a period of two days. The blisters were getting bigger by the day, and two of the boys had to be put in the hospital due to how much pain they were in. The blisters were described by one parent to look as if someone had slapped their child, hard.

Weird Line

What caused this reaction, you ask? Two words: Giant Hogweed. This plant is native to a mountain range in Russia called the Caucasus Mountains. Birds and water brought the seeds to the American continent and surrounding land masses, where it is now running wild in Ontario, Canada; England; and 11 different states in the United States: Ohio, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Virginia, New York, Washington, and Michigan.


The plant looks like a demented Queen Anne’s Lace plant. It has a stem that is green with purple splotches and little white hairs that stick out sideways. The plant can grow up to 10 and even 14 feet high. The flowers sprout white in color and in an umbrella like pattern, which is where the Queen Anne’s Lace analogy comes in. Though the plant looks very beautiful, simply touching the plant has major consequences.

That’s all the kids from England did. They simply brushed past one of these large trees, probably not even realizing they were touching the plant. However, how the plant wreaks its havoc on us human beings is more satirical than poison ivy or doll’s eyes.

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This plant produces a sap that is laced with a chemical class known as photosensitizing furanocoumarins. These chemicals are known to create skin reactions that turn the skin of the victim extremely sensitive to light. Just like the kids, giant dark red blisters start to form within 48 hours of the sap touching your skin. The scars that result from these painful blisters often stay around for a few months to a few years. The areas affected by the plant will be left sensitive to sunlight for years to come, and it is best to cover them up completely when out in the sun in the future.

If the sap finds its way into the eyes, temporary and even permanent blindness can occur.

There are some steps that can be taken to ease the suffering of a victim of the plant. It is suggested that as soon as it can possibly be done, the area where the sap is found is washed thoroughly with soap and cold water. The cold is important. For the next 48 hours, it should be kept out of the sunlight, and if any signs of reaction come, see a doctor as soon as possible. If the sap gets into the eyes, it is suggested that you rinse your eyes well and wear sunglasses.

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No matter what, it is incredibly important that these plants be handled by professionals when you have identified one in your yard. They are much too toxic and satirical to handle.

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