What Happened To This Woman When She Lost 200 Pounds


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What Happened To This Woman When She Lost 200 Pounds 

At the young age of 26, an Australian woman named Tracey Searle already weighed 374 pounds. A combination of depression and bad eating habits had led to many health problems for Tracey. She ended up with asthma, prediabetes, and sleep apnea due to her excess weight. Eventually, Tracey decided she had to make a change and get healthy.


Since she had so much trouble dieting, Tracey began looking at options for weight loss surgeries. After consulting with many medical professionals, Tracey decided to choose a gastric sleeve surgery. In this surgery, about 70 percent of Tracey’s stomach was taken out, leaving her with a stomach that was full after eating just one banana. After the surgery, Tracey had to eat nothing but smoothies for six months, which was very difficult. However, she began to immediately notice positive changes.

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In just 18 months, Tracey lost 220 pounds of weight. In addition to the weight loss surgery, she began to change her diet. Instead of a diet of greasy fast food and sugary snacks, Tracey now eats fresh fruits and vegetables. Though she enjoyed feeling healthy and fit, the rapid weight loss left Tracey with another issue to deal with.

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As Tracey lost weight, she did not lose excess skin. Though she tried to use collagen supplements and tightening skin creams, nothing helped. Tracey had lost a huge amount of weight, but she still felt self conscious when her saggy skin was revealed at the beach. The extra skin did not just cause an issue because it looked strange; Tracey was unable to run and swim due to the chafing of all of the skin. She had already been through one surgery, but doctors suggested that Tracey go through another.

Tracey had both a 360 lower body lift and some operations on her upper body. These procedures lasted 8 hours, and they can cost up to $20,000. In the surgery, doctors contour the body carefully to remove excess skin without creating noticeable scars. The surgeons also tightened some of Tracey’s muscles that were loose after having to deal with piles of sagging skin Altogether, 24 pounds of extra skin were removed during the surgery.


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After the surgeries, Tracey says that she feels like a completely different person. According to Tracey, “I felt like I fit into my own body again…I truly still don’t recognize myself and at the time I was constantly doing double takes.” It is no surprise that Tracey is shocked by the results, she looks like a completely different person after losing so much weight and extra skin.

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When sharing her story, Tracey emphasizes that weight loss surgery is not a quick and easy fix to obesity. In order to lose the weight, she still had to eat healthy and change the way she interacted with food. Tracey now goes to the gym three times each week, and her diet is full of lean proteins, fresh fruits, and vegetables. With all of the lifestyle changes that she has made, Tracey will be able to stay healthy and keep from regaining weight.

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