This Woman Beat Her Kidney Cancer, Lost 97 Pounds, And Saved Herself From Food Addiction


This Woman Beat Her Kidney Cancer, Lost 97 Pounds, And Saved Herself From Food Addiction

In modern times, obesity and cancer are two of the biggest health issues that people struggle with. Unfortunately, being obese dramatically raises a person’s chances of developing cancer. 38-year-old Sara Kaplan has managed to beat both diseases. After struggling with an eating addiction for her entire life, Sara finally got the motivation to make a change in July of 2014. After beating cancer and then losing almost one hundred pounds, Sara looks twenty years younger and far healthier and happier.

Beat Her Kidney Cancer

For as long as she could remember, Sara had always been obsessed with food. As a teen, she would babysit so that she could earn enough money to buy takeout, which she would eat before her parents got home and made dinner. By the middle of high school, Sara weighed 270 pounds, and she was desperate for a change. She was able to lose weight with an intense diet, but starving herself without confronting her food addiction only caused further health issues.

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After years of bouncing between binging and crash dieting, Sara had reached 300 pounds. At this weight, she began to feel horrible, since she had developed type 2 diabetes. Sara began to exercise a small amount to manage her diabetes and high blood pressure, but she was suddenly devastated to learn that she had kidney cancer. In order to fight the cancer, Sara had to undergo intense surgery. Though the surgery was effective at removing all the cancerous cells, the nine months of recovery caused Sara to become depressed and start overeating again.

However, one night Sara decided that she.

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