How To Beat Allergies By Improving Your Home’s Air Purity


How To Beat Allergies By Improving Your Home’s Air Purity

Whether you experience those seasonal sniffles or suffer from year-round allergies, airborne irritants like pollen, dust, pet dander and mold can wreak havoc on your sinuses. Although most people associate allergies with spring, we know all too well that is not how it works – many suffer from allergies year round. Often, the most effective defense against these immune triggers is ensuring the air quality inside your home stays clean, healthy and untainted. The following strategies will help purify indoor ventilation, so you can breathe freely and comfortably.

Select Cleaning Products Carefully

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Hazardous chemicals frequently permeate air fresheners, room fragrances, and household cleaners, not to mention the toxins your house itself gives off – such as plastics, drywall, paint and more. These artificial substances can provoke headaches, nasal and eye irritation, coughing or even more serious issues. While you can’t remove the walls from your home, you can help alleviate symptoms by scrutinizing the ingredients label of common consumer products and opting for organic, aerosol-free cleaning alternatives whenever possible.

Open Windows During the Daytime


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HVAC units sometimes circulate stale air throughout the house, spreading dust particles around bedrooms, kitchens, home offices and other habitually occupied spaces. Rather than settling for a drafty and dirt-filled environment, inhale fresh oxygen from the great outdoors. So, turn down the A/C (or heat) and unbolt the windows for a rejuvenating gust of naturally pure, safe and uncontaminated air supply.

Clean Ducts & Replace Air Filters


Clogged ventilation filters containing debris build-up are among the most notorious culprits of difficulty breathing. Verify that your home’s airways remain unobstructed by clearing out dirt or other allergy-causing fragments, and changing the filters on a monthly basis to optimize sanitary living conditions. In addition, high-efficiency vents are also ideal for bacteria dissolution and odor neutralization.

Regulate Indoor Humidity Levels

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Elevated moisture from A/C condensation inside, as well as damp atmospheric pressure outside, can spawn mold growth. Since this fungus emits congestion-causing spores, inhaling oxygen that has been tainted by mold often leads to respiratory problems. This is not just a summertime issue – this can creep up indoors year round inside cool, damp places. Therefore, protect both your lungs and household air quality by making sure the internal humidity consistently remains between 30-50%.

Use Houseplants for Interior Design

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Natural decor in the form of ficus, aloe vera, bamboo palm and other plants that thrive indoors filter out airborne pollutants from wherever they’re strategically placed. In addition, sprucing up your home with greenery adds aesthetic appeal, and these particular varieties only require low-maintenance care. Situate this foliage in areas with a potent chemical concentration like the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Adjust Kitchen Stovetop Burners


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Gas stoves that have been poorly installed emit dangerous fumes, like carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide, into your home. These vaporous compounds can induce respiratory conditions, fatigue, nausea, headaches and, in extreme cases, death. To prevent this health hazard, verify the flames are blue which denotes properly working burners, and vent the stove with a fan that wafts air outward.

Keep the Floor from Collecting Dirt


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Carpet, linoleum, and wood paneling rapidly accumulate allergens rapidly through everyday wear and tear. While you can’t limit the floor’s contact with tracked dirt or outdoor exposure, regular clean sweeps can prevent these dust particles from infiltrating your oxygen supply. For optimal results, vacuum and mop at least twice per week and place a mat by the front door to trap shoe grime as people enter.

Implementing these simple yet effective air purification solutions will, not only promote a spotless living environment, but also eliminate toxins and pollutants from your household. As a result, the entire family will be spared from physical discomforts, potential respiratory issues and unhygienic surroundings. So, how do you survive that pesky threat of allergy season? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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