Skinny Tea Detox: Everything You Need to Know


Skinny Tea Detox: Everything You Need to Know

A skinny tea detox, even without a diet or exercise program, will produce results.  Why? The ingredients found in the highest quality skinny teas are scientifically tested and linked to appetite suppression, increased base energy expenditure, and enhanced fat loss.

Which Tea Blend is Best for You

If you want to go with a prepared skinny tea detox, you have a number of proven choices. No matter which one you choose to go with, always look at their list of ingredients. The best teas will include beneficial herbs.

  • Oolong Tea – This is a type of potent green tea that’s particularly useful for weight loss. What separates it from typical green tea is the fermentation process it undergoes. Oolong tea is one of the most well-studied ingredients found in skinny tea detoxes. Alone it can help you lose up to 10% more fat than you might otherwise. It can also mitigate the health risks associated with a high-fat diet.
  • Dandelion Root – If your body tends to retain water, this is a herb you should have around. Dandelion root is a gentle, natural diuretic. That means it helps your body let go of excess fluid and flushes the kidneys, releasing any pent-up toxins. In addition, this herb has also been reported to reduce cravings for sweets. Licorice root is a similar alternative.
Skinny Tea Detox
  • Ginger – Ginger’s principal benefit is to ease any discomfort that new foods might cause. Further, it can soothe and prevent bouts of nausea as well as reduce bloating.
  • Yerba Mate – In its heyday, Yerba Mate got as many good headlines as bad. In Brazil, this herb is made into a tea that is nearly as popular as coffee. Traditionally, it is drunk at a temperature close to boiling. Because of this, a study conducted on yerba mate drinkers first linked the herb to increased cancer risk. However, upon closer analysis, it was discovered that the risk actually came from ingesting water so hot that it would repeatedly burn the back of a person’s throat. Drinking yerba mate or any tea at a normal temperature is perfectly safe.

The best blends should include three or more of these skinny tea detox ingredients.  If you’re serious about losing weight, then you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Caution Ingredient: Senna Leaf. This is an ingredient that may cause more harm than good. It’s know to have some discomforting side effects that include: stomach irritation, anxiety, insomnia, tremors, cramps, and diarrhea.

Skinny Tea Detoxes Your Mind, Too

When you’re trying to lose weight, everything that has to do with food can make you feel guilty. One thing no tea will ever do is make you feel bad for drinking it. On average, a tasty cup of hot or iced tea has between 0 and five calories. Even if you spike it with a lot of fresh lemon juice, you’re still looking at less than ten calories.

Even better, teas and detox teas, in particular, are made of simple, pure ingredients. That means no artificial colors or sweeteners. Other “diet” drinks can contain ingredients that have recently been linked to higher rates of dementia and stroke.

Skinny tea detoxes that feature green and oolong tea blends also help your body combat stress. The l-theanine contained within these tea leaves can keep you energized, focused, and resilient all day. That will make it easier to say “no” to your cravings and opt for healthier foods.

Making Your Own Blend

If you’re willing to experiment a bit, this could be a good route to take. First, a few words of caution: some of the herbs used in tea blends can just taste bad. You might not realize it as they have been added in very careful ratios so that the other ingredients mask the bitterness. However, when you make your own blend, getting those ratios just right can take some tinkering. In the meantime, not drinking the tea will keep you from maximizing your weight loss.

If you’re set on going down this road, start with the ingredients listed above and add on from there. You will undoubtedly need a few other herbs for flavor, peppermint leaf and bergamot are strong first choices. Finding the ideal ratios after you have all of your bulk ingredients will be entirely up to you.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the old saying “you are what you eat” can also be referenced to “you are what your drink”. What you put in your cup can have a drastic impact to your health just as much as what you put on your plate. Whether you like to have a cup of tea to relax or you’re on a skinny tea detox, what’s in your cup can change your mood and health in just minutes. Do not underestimate the power of the tea leaf.

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