He Puts The Content of A Diaper In Potting Soil. The Result Was Astonishing!


Creative Diaper Plant Growing Trick!

Would you love to know a simple trick that will keep your plants looking lush and green and cut watering in half? Believe it or not, the secret is locked inside common, ordinary diapers!

Creative Diaper Plant Growing Trick!

One of the things parents love about disposable diapers is that they are super absorbent. Some ingenious person discovered that hydra crystals, the same ingredient in disposable diapers that keeps babies dry, will keep plants wet! These hydra crystals can soak up cup after cup of moisture. One adult-sized diaper’s worth of these hydra crystals can easily soak up 12 full cups of water! These Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) are able to retain up to 60 times their own volume of distilled water, becoming almost 100% liquid through a process wherein hydrogen bonds with water molecules. When these amazing hydra crystals are mixed with water and then combined with potting soil, the soil takes on a fluffy texture. Simply plant seeds or place growing plants in this hydra crystal, water and soil mixture and they will grow quickly and stay green with little need to water. So this spring, remember to grab a pack of diapers to keep your garden looking great!

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