The Most Creative Way to Have a Potato, I’m DROOLING


The Most Creative Way to Have a Potato, I’m DROOLING

According to Science Project Lab, the volcano science project is probably the most popular science fair project in the world. It makes sense then that someone would take that expertise and bring it to the most liked thing in the world: food. In a stroke of brilliance, a barbecue connoisseur concocted a recipe of so-called “Volcano Potatoes.”

The Most Creative Way to Have a Potato, I'm DROOLING

It’s a inventive mix that combines men’s favorite ingredients – potatoes, bacon, turkey, cheese, sour cream and hot sauce – into a wonderful presentation that hearkens back to those yester-years spent building elaborate science projects. The bacon, turkey and cheese fill the inside of the Volcano Potatoes, while the sour cream and hot sauce are combined to create “volcano sauce” which can be seen as a sort of lava as it overflows over the top of the potatoes. Fortunately, despite the awesome appearance, Volcano Potatoes are made fairly simply using a knife, some tin foil, a charcoal grill and a tool to core the potatoes. The full instructions can be seen on The Backyard BBQ’s channel on

If you’re a big fan of barbecue or simply a fan of good food with cool presentation, then this is a great recipe to get creative with and even an amazing source of protein according to Healthaliciousness.

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