10 Signs of Heart Disease You Should Keep an Eye On


10 Signs of Heart Disease You Should Keep an Eye On

Heart disease is also called cardiovascular conditions, and it refers to any problem caused by dysfunctional blood vessels. They can either be narrowed or totally blocked, and these issues can lead to a future heart attack. Furthermore, not only blood vessels can cause heart conditions. The heart’s muscles, its valves or even its beating rhythm can create a heart-connected disease.

10 Signs of Heart Disease You Should Keep an Eye On

Heart Disease Risk Factors

High cholesterol level. This can be “inherited” from your family’s genes. However, most of the times, a high level of cholesterol is created by an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. If you eat many foods that are high in fats, then your risk to suffer from a heart disease might increase. You should focus on good cholesterol meals and eat less fatty foods.

Bad habits. Vices like smoking and drinking can create good grounds for a future heart condition. In order to prevent this from happening, you should change your lifestyle and quit your bad habits. Researchers state that a smoker has a doubled risk of a heart attack during his lifetime.

Sedentary life. When your body is not properly and regularly involved in physical activities, your risk of getting sick increases significantly. Don’t worry if you are not a fitness lover or if your body is not made for running. Every little activity counts. You can choose to do regular mild exercises. Even going for a longer walk or gardening can help you staying healthy.

High-stress levels. To stay healthy, you need to manage your stress. Don’t let your anger or other strong emotions control your being. You could try relaxation methods to achieve a much calmer state of mind. Breathing exercises help a lot. You can choose to get rid of stress by going to yoga classes or relaxation massages.

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Signs of Heart Disease That You Should Not Ignore

Heart Disease

Some heart dysfunction symptoms are quite easy to figure out. However, there are also other manifestations of your body that are not that revealing and not everybody can manage to link them with a heart condition.

Snoring. Sleeping apnea can be very annoying. It gives you the sensation of tiredness even after a full night of sleep. Even if is true that many people are snoring during their sleep, and not all of them suffer from heart conditions, you should still be cautious and seek a doctor’s opinion.

Gums problems. Not many people think of heart diseases when they or their loved ones suffer from gums issues. Whether your gums are bleeding or swelling there are only two possible things that can cause this reaction. On one hand, you could suffer from periodontitis which is a severe infection, and that can seriously affect your jawbone. On the other hand, it could also be the effect of heart disease or even a heart attack.

Chest pain. Before having a heart attack most people have difficulties when breathing. Also, one can also experience pains around their shoulders and neck areas. However, this is not a standard way in which a heart attack takes place. It is different for every person.

Swollen feet. When you feel that your feet or legs are heavier than usually, it might mean that you suffer from a congestive heart failure. However, don’t get scared right away because swollen feet can be caused by some reasons. It doesn’t mean that you have a heart condition. If this sensation is persistent, you should probably see a doctor.

Symptoms related to your stomach. Very few people that suffer from indigestion or heartburns think that these might be caused by serious heart problems. This is also due to the fact that they are frequently met problems, and not all cases hide a heart failure. When your indigestion comes with other symptoms as well such as nausea or light headedness, you should seek medical help.

Dizziness. Even though such a symptom can be caused by plenty of other reasons, in some cases, it could hide a heart problem. You should pay attention to how often this happens to you.

Arm pain. This is a classic heart attack symptom. Usually, your left arm presents pain areas. There are times in which all the body’s left side can be in pain. Usually, it starts from the chest area and then it spreads to your arms.

General tiredness. When you are always feeling fatigued, you should make an appointment for a check-up. Especially, when simple things that you were able to do in the past have become real burdens, you should seek a doctor’s help.

Sweating. When you sweat excessively, it might be because you have big opened pores, or you might suffer from a heart condition. Think if your sweat appears out of nowhere and it is accompanied by other symptoms as well.

Coughing constantly. Usually, coughing is a sign of a cold. However, if you already know that you are suffering from a heart condition, you should pay extra attention to this specific symptom. If your cough makes you spit a pink mucus, you should go to the doctor.

All in all, you should take care of your health and whenever you experience the symptoms described above, don’t just wait for them to pass. Take measures in due time, so as not to be confronted with more severe heart conditions.

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