Chocolate and nut nougat: delicious recipes


Chocolate and nut nougat: delicious recipes

Do you want to learn how to make a delicious chocolate nougat with nuts? We discover 2 wonderful recipes to do easily at home. Delicious!

Cómo hacer turrón de chocolate y nueces

The nougat is next to the marzipan, and roscón de Reyes, one of the most prominent sweets during the Christmas season. Just when the month of December begins, there are many shops that literally flood their shelves and shelves with this candy that no one can resist.

In fact, a good way to end an abundant and delicious Christmas meal is by taking a good portion of nougat and nuts that we can accompany with a little tea, sweet wine or coffee to our liking.

Surely after reading these first lines are beginning to salivate and you have entered an incessant desire to take a bit of this nougat taking advantage of the fact that on December 25 is just around the corner.

In this sense, how would you like to prepare a nougat of chocolate and nuts with your own hands and in a very simple way? Well, although it may sound a little utopian, is what we propose with these two recipes with which you will suck your fingers.

Recipe of chocolate and nuts. Very easy to prepare
We will start with this first recipe that is very useful for those Christmas meals that you have to organize at home because it is simple and quick to prepare. So do not worry about anything and will the ingredients that we are going to tell you next.


250 grams of dark chocolate
150 ml condensed milk
80 grams of peeled walnuts
Steps to prepare this classic chocolate and nut nougat:

We chop the chocolate that we will mix later in the condensed milk. We melt it in a bain-marie until we get a homogeneous mixture.
We crush the nuts into tiny pieces and add them to the first mixture of chocolate and condensed milk. We remove everything energetically using a wooden spoon.
We take some oven paper and put it on the base of the nougat mold. Let’s pour the mixture of chocolates and nuts
We put it in the fridge for 3 or 4 hours to harden it well.

Turrón de chocolate con nueces

Chocolate nougat with nuts. Crunchy!
We will finish this article to tell you how to prepare a chocolate nougat with hazelnuts that will suppose an explosion of flavors of the most crunchy in your palate. But first of all, you’re going to need these ingredients.


150 grams of pure chocolate
150 grams of milk chocolate
50 grams of butter
50 grams of nuts
Learn all the steps to prepare this chocolate nougat with nuts:

We will start by melting the butter in the bain-marie and then doing the same with both chocolates in the same container.
We are stirring everything until we get a homogeneous mixture. Next, add the hazelnuts that we may have chopped with the help of a mallet. We remove again until the ingredients are well integrated.
We pass this mixture to a plastic nougat mold. We take it to the refrigerator to solidify for a couple of hours.
We can give the final touch with a little white chocolate melted at the top.



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