Babysitter Abuses Child for the Weirdest Reason


Babysitter Abuses Child for the Weirdest Reason

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Cases of babysitters abusing children are common. In March 2016, a 5 month old boy was abused by a babysitter and sustained serious injuries. The assault took place at the boy’s home in Lancaster. The babysitter was arrested and put in custody. The police received a call at 5.20pm from 43400 block of Gadsden Avenue in Los Angeles County. At that time the child was unconscious due to the injuries inflicted on him. The deputies immediately responded to this emergency and rushed to the residence and found the infant with his mother. The injuries he had were so serious that they took him to hospital. The boy had serious head injuries, lacerations caused by punches around his eyes and bruises on his upper part of the body.

Abuses Child

Detectives from the Special Victims Bureau looked into the incidence and before the day ended they had arrested the suspected babysitter. The Sheriff’s Department took Brittany Ingrassi, 30, into custody for brutality to a child, an act which would have caused serious body injury or even lead to the death. The authorities looked into the background of Brittany and discovered that she was a longtime friend of the boy’s father. When the incident happened she was babysitting the boy. The reason why she cruelly attacked the infant was what shocked many people. She said she did it because she was jealous of the boy’s blue eyes.

Ingrassi was definitely not going to get away with that. In the same week she was arraigned in court on a charge of child cruelty. Records from Century Regional Detention Facility show that she was held in place of a $1 million bail. The baby later succumbed to injuries four days later and a GoFundMe page was set up to cover the boy’s medical and funeral expenses.


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Many other cases of children abused by babysitters have hit the news. In Sherwood, Oregon, a couple took to social media to garner support to seek justice after their one year old son Jacob was abused by a babysitter. The babysitter avoided charges on the basis that Jacob could not talk for himself and say that he was assaulted. The photo of the injured child was posted on Facebook on the 20th of May. Joshua and Alice, the parents came home only to find Jacob on the bed screaming while the babysitter was asleep. In the morning they noticed bruises on the baby’s head and face. Many people on social media expressed concern about the incidence and demanded the court in Oregon to take action.

In another incident, a babysitter in the San Francisco Bay Area was earlier this year charged with child abuse. A hidden nanny camera took the footage of Moriah Pulani Gonzales,20, trying to suffocate a child who would not stop crying. She was charged by the Alameda District Attorney of February 22.

The number of children abused by babysitters are on the rise and it is high time the authorities took action. The authorities need to make sure that babysitters guilty of child abuse are convicted. The legal loopholes preventing the charging of babysitters also need to be looked at. Parents also need to know the type of babysitter they employ. They should assess the background of the babysitter and also regularly check on them as they babysit.


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