This Woman Lost 8 Inches Off Her Belly In Just 30 Days With Two Simple Changes


This Woman Lost 8 Inches Off Her Belly In Just 30 Days With Two Simple Changes

For 45-year-old Cary Nazario, the realization that her weight had become too high was a huge shock. She had ignored years of slowly gaining a few pounds here and there until she saw pictures from her recent trip to Bermuda. Cary said that “It really opened my eyes…I knew I needed to do something or it was only going to get worse.”

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Though Cary tried to eat healthy and exercise at the gym, her busy lifestyle made it hard to stick to a routine. For a while, Cary tried to rationalize her attitude by telling herself that most women over the age of 40 ended up gaining a few pounds and skipping workouts regularly. However, the realization that she was overweight inspired Cary to make a positive change.

It started when Cary saw a twitter post about the Prevention website’s challenge, Fit in 10: 30 Day Belly Fix. The simple exercise plan just included 10 minutes of strength training exercises each day and a focus on a clean and healthy diet. Cary started the quick workouts, and she immediately noticed a difference. Due to the success of the workouts, she decided to also start following the clean eating diets suggested by the fitness challenge. At the end of the 30 days, Cary had lost eight inches from her waistline, and she was also eight pounds lighter. Ultimately, the easy plan worked well with her busy schedule, making weight loss simple and fun for her.

Cary’s story illustrates just how simple weight loss can really be when common weight loss mistakes are avoided. Many people who try to lose weight make the mistake of starting with an extremely strict and limiting diet that is ultimately too hard to follow. Another common issue with popular weight loss regimens is that they include rigorous exercises that most people do not have the time or ability to perform.

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Many scientific studies have examined the benefits of dieting versus the benefits of lifestyle changes to eating habits. Just eating healthy, unprocessed foods, like Cary did, has been shown to be far more effective than a diet. Eating reasonable portions of low-fat meats, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains will naturally reduce calories, allowing people to lose weight without making the mistake of following a strict diet that just results in cravings and hunger pangs.

Most traditional weight loss exercises just include hours of running, but just doing cardio is a huge mistake. Cardio does not burn many calories, and it requires a lengthy time commitment. For busy women such as Cary, cardio exercises are not very beneficial for weight loss. Instead, doing strength exercises to build muscle is far more useful. These exercises can be done in just a few minutes, making them ideal for a hectic lifestyle, and muscles naturally burn more calories while the body is resting.

Cary is just one of the many people finding weight loss success through non-traditional methods. New research supports the idea that traditional methods of dieting and lengthy cardio sessions can discourage people that are trying to get healthy, ultimately harming weight loss potential. By making changes to habitual eating and including strength training in an exercise routine, it is easy and fast to lose weight.

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