She Tried Raw Food Cleansing And Lost 71 Lbs, Here Are The Details


She Tried Raw Food Cleansing And Lost 71 Lbs, Here Are The Details

These days it seems like just about everyone is trying to lose weight. If you’re anything like the average person, you’ve probably grown tired of experimenting with unsafe ways to try and lose weight, such as diet pills or plans that require you to fast or starve yourself.

She Tried Raw Food Cleansing And Lost 71 Lbs, Here Are Details

If you want to lose weight, look vibrant and feel your absolute best in a healthy way, then one woman might have just stumbled upon the solution for you. April Boicourt was a woman who was a lot like most people – she was overweight, sluggish, fatigued and unhappy. After trying hundreds of diets, she finally found something all-natural that actually worked.

It’s called the raw food diet and it’s beginning to really make waves as the new way to lose weight. From YouTubers to Instagramers, the web is becoming flooded with women and men who have lost weight and accomplished their fitness goals by simply eating raw food.

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“Raw food” is essentially anything that is uncooked and from the earth. Fruits, vegetables and nuts and seeds. It might sound like a “crazy diet,” but those who give this plan a try extol its benefits and claim that it completely changed their lives. It might sound crazy, but then again, a lot of the wacky diets you’ve tried have probably been a lot crazier. Here are four things to know about going raw.

1. The More Food, The Better

One of the unique things about the raw food diet is that you’ll never be hungry, and if you are hungry, then you’re doing it wrong. As individual servings, fruits and vegetables don’t pack nearly enough calories to keep us full and sustained. This is one of the reasons why raw food enthusiasts stress that it’s important to pack in as much at each meal as possible. A raw food salad is typically big enough to fill an entire mixing bowl. When you go raw, you can kiss the days of teensy-tiny rabbit portions goodbye.

2. Smoothies, Particularly Green Smoothies, Are Essential

As stated above, it’s necessary to eat huge amounts of fruits and vegetables to stay energized and satisfied. One of the simplest ways to get a lot of fruits and veggies into your system at once is by blending large quantities into a smoothie. To really add a nutritious kick to your smoothie, add huge handfuls of spinach or kale. Not only will these additions give you much needed fiber, vitamins and minerals, but they can’t be tasted when blended with flavorful fruits like bananas or dates.

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3. You Might Not Have To Permanently Give Up Cooked Food

Many raw food gurus saw people turning away from the plan after becoming frustrated with the lack of cooked foods. Hence, “Raw ‘Til 4” was born. In this plan, individuals eat only raw foods until four o’clock in the afternoon when cooked food is permitted. The diet should still remain vegan, clean and free of processed foods, however. A sample diet would be steamed potatoes or pasta made from corn noodles and a sauce of pureed vegetables. This more flexible plan allows for the same weight loss results, but with a more varied menu.

4. The Benefits Aren’t Limited To Weight Loss

You won’t just lose weight on a raw food plan. The benefits go far beyond simple weight loss. Those on raw food plans rave about shinier hair, clearer skin and more energy than they know what to do with. Former caffeine junkies who feel sluggish by two PM are suddenly alert and energized naturally. Those with chronic fatigue syndrome have reported a complete recovery on the raw food diet.

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The raw food diet might sound a little extreme. However, if you’re willing to take the plunge, you’ll be shocked at your results. Even if you don’t see yourself ever going fully raw, everyone can benefit from adding in raw meals, green smoothies or simply more fruits and vegetables to their current diets. When it comes to health, the best choice is always to pick the most natural solution possible.

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