Something Disgusting Was Growing Inside of Her Brain…


Something Disgusting Was Growing Inside of Her Brain…

After years of pain and extensive health issues, a young girl is finally diagnosed and cured. The cause of her illness? A tapeworm cyst which had grown to be half the size of her brain.


For two years, 12-year-old Nita Juggi suffered from ever-worsening seizures, weakness, and headaches. Doctors near the area she lived (Kutch, in Gujarat, central India) had tried to help her, but to no avail.

Speaking of her condition, Nita stated, “I used to get very sad that I was not well. I didn’t feel good and I was always crying”.

As time went by, her symptoms only got worse. Her right side soon ceased to function properly and became partially paralyzed, making life even more miserable for Nita.

Desperate to see his daughter become well again, Nita’s father Kishor took her to the Sterling Hospital in Gujarat. There, an MRI scan found the cause of her problems. Inside her brain was a gigantic cyst-one which was so large that it was about the size of a grapefruit.

Neuro and spine surgeon Dr. Chirag Solanki commented in the danger that Nita had been living with everyday, stating, “It’s a bubble so it could burst at any moment.” If that had happened and the cyst had ruptured, Nita would have died.

Thankfully, that didn’t happen. Even though the size of the cyst indicates that it had probably been growing inside of her brain for nearly a decade or so, it remained intact.

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The cyst was caused by tapeworm larvae, which enter the body when a person consumes tapeworm eggs. These eggs can be found in the fecal matter of a person or animal infected with tapeworms, which is just one reason why proper hygiene is so important. Nita’s family admitted that they lived in a dirty area and had been too lax with hygiene in the past.


The only way to cure Nita was by performing a surgery on her brain. But lack of money made it difficult for her parents to afford the cost of this surgery, and her mother Sarla’s jewellery had to be sold for them to pay for it.

But the surgery was worth it. After an intense two-and-a-half operation performed by Dr. Solanki, the cyst was removed. Nita spent another two weeks in the hospital to recover, and now she’s doing well.

Thrilled to see his daughter’s recovery, Kishor stated, “My daughter is now back to normal and is doing very well… We make her to do some exercises to keep her fit and we try to support her in every possible way. I thank god that she is better.”

Nita is also glad to be back to normal, and excited to be able to play with her friends again.

While tapeworm cysts, known as cysticercosis, are fairly rare, there are other cringe-worthy stories involving them. For instance, another girl in India had one pop out of her eye during an exam earlier this year. And in a case similar to Nita’s, a man in Ohio nearly died when a parasite in his brain was cutting off his brain’s blood supply.

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