She Lost 92 Pounds in 1 Year! Check Out Her Journey by Instagram Pics


She Lost 92 Pounds in 1 Year! Check Out Her Weight Loss Journey by Instagram Pics

If you are struggling to lose weight, then you will love hearing how a mother with the odds stacked against managed to lose 92 pounds of baby weight after the birth of her first child. Read on to learn all about the mother’s weight loss journey, the obstacles she overcame, and just what she did to lose the weight.


She Overcame Eating Disorders When She Became Pregnant

Before she heard the news that she was expecting a child, Rachel Graham struggled battled eating disorders for many years. She struggled with both anorexia and bulimia, and when her anorexia was at its worst, she couldn’t eat for days, leading to hospital stays where she had to be equipped with a feeding tube to give her body the nutrition it desperately needed.

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Once Rachel found out that she was pregnant, she realized that she couldn’t let her battle with eating disorders affect the health of the child now growing inside of her. She managed to kick both anorexia and bulimia and pledge to allow herself to eat whatever she wanted while pregnant to give her baby the nutrition it needed while inside of her womb.


The Excess Weight She Gained Began Affecting Her Health

Once Rachel gave birth to her beautiful baby, she then struggled to lose the excess weight she gained while she was pregnant, like so many new mothers do. While her highest weight of 235 pounds may not sound too excessive to some, being overweight took a toll on her health and zapped her of the energy she needed to keep up with her child.


Once her doctor diagnosed her with high blood pressure, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes, she decided she needed to come up with a plan to lose the excess weight and lose it quickly.


How Rachel Graham Lost 92 Pounds in One Year

Since she cared greatly about her health, Rachel new that her path to weight loss would not involve any diet pills or crash diets. Instead, she downloaded an app on her smartphone that aided in her keeping track of her calorie intake each day.

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In addition, she began exercising five days every week. Every mother knows that finding the time to exercise can be a challenge, but she didn’t let any obstacle get in the way of her weight-loss goal.

Rachel, just like most people attempting to lose weight, new that staying motivated to stick to her diet and exercise plan would be one of her toughest battles yet. To keep herself motivated, she began posting her progress pics on Instagram.

While she did expect the photos she posted to help her stick to her weight-loss plan, what she didn’t expect was to gain over 150,000 followers who cheered her on every step of the way through her weight loss journey.

Due to her determination and the inspiration her Instagram followers, Rachel lost 92 pounds in just a year and is now very happy with her body. Like most mothers, she knows her body isn’t perfect, but she embraces the amazing body she now has and recognizes that keeping it healthy is more important than striving for perfection.

If you are struggling to lose weight and feel that you have many obstacles to battle to lose it, let Rachel Graham’s story be a reminder that you truly can overcome any obstacle you face when you are truly determined!

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