Suffer from Acne? Must-read Tips on Curing Acne from a Bodybuilder Who Cured His


Suffer from Acne? Must-read Tips on Curing Acne from a Bodybuilder Who Cured His

If you suffer from acne, then you know how difficult it can be to cure. A bodybuilder named Brian Turner is becoming famous due to the fact that he managed to eliminate his severe acne without help from a dermatologist. Since he knows how difficult it can be to live with acne and how many others struggle with it, he has shared his acne-eradicating tips to help others finally get rid of theirs.


What was his secret? Read on to learn a little more about Brian Turner, how he cured his severe acne, and tips he has shared to help others like you cure their acne.

Brian Turner’s Story

At 23-years-old, Brian Turner had suffered from acne for many years and even tried very potent medical treatments to get rid of it. As an avid bodybuilder, he struggled with acne on both his face and his back.

When Brian became desperate to get rid of the acne that led to him feeling insecure about his looks, he agreed to take Accutane that a doctor prescribed. If you have heard of Accutane, then you likely know it is an acne medication used as a “last resort” when all other acne treatments fail.


Brian took Accutane for a full 70 weeks, and while it helped his acne when he was taking it, the acne quickly returned when he stopped. Instead of letting the return of his acne get him down, he decided to make some lifestyle changes that ended up curing his acne for good.

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How Brian Cleared His Acne

When harsh, topical acne medications and even Accutane failed to cure Brian’s acne, he decided to try treating it from the inside out. Instead of trying yet another acne cream or pill, he changed his diet dramatically.

The three key diet changes Brian made that transformed his skin include cutting all dairy products from his diet, eating 12 servings of vegetables every single day, and drinking one gallon of water each day.

How did these diet changes clear Brian’s skin? While it may sound like a drastic measure to take if you love dairy, many people have been able to clear up their acne by cutting dairy out of their diets.

Vegetables are filled with inflammation-fighting antioxidants, and medical researchers now believe that some types of acne are caused by inflammation.

Drinking plenty of water is a great way to improve the health of every organ in your body. Your skin is your body’s largest organ.

Brian’s Additional Acne Tips


While those three key changes cured Brian’s acne, he realizes that everyone is different and may need to use different tactics to cure theirs.

Here are his additional tips:

1. Change your pillowcases every night if you have acne only on your face, but also change your bed sheets every night if you have body acne.

2. Use a gentle benzoyl peroxide acne skin cleanser that contains no more than 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide. He warns that stronger acne washes will just irritate your skin without helping to improve your acne any more than the gentle wash.

3. Shower after exercise or any other time you work up a sweat.

4. Make sure to sleep at least 8 hours every night. This can help keep your stress levels down, and stress is an acne trigger.

5. Don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. He realizes that these can be hard habits to break, but they can both trigger acne in some people.

6. Try an elimination diet. While Brian cleared up his skin by eliminating dairy, he realizes that not everyone’s acne is triggered by dairy. Some people may be eating other foods that trigger their acne without realizing it. He says that while it may be tough, first try cutting out soda.

Then, try eliminating processed foods, cocoa, artificial sweeteners, gluten, and soy. Eliminate one at at time, and then see how your skin responds. Once you take one of your diet and your skin clears up, then you can look forward to it staying clear as long as you don’t eat that food.

If you suffer from acne, then use Brian’s story as inspiration to change your daily habits to help clear up your skin. If he can do it, so can you!

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