Ten Things Lemon Water Does to Your Health


Water is generally good for one’s health and one is encouraged to take at least eight glasses of water every day. Lemon on the other hand is a combination of vitamins and minerals that are very important for the body. So, imagine what a combination of lemon and water can do for your body. It has sundry benefits that everyone should enjoy in their life. It is believed that taking a glass of lemon water daily transforms one’s body in many ways.




Below are a few of those benefits you are bound to receive upon joining the team that takes lemon water every morning before they start their daily activities;


Skin treatment

Instead of struggling with beauty products and cosmetics that contain chemicals that are not only expensive but toxic to your skin, try using lemon water. People are used to applying the lemon directly onto the skin allowing the juice extracted to work its wonder. Lemon water, on the other hand, is more effective as it works from the inside. It gets rid of skin blemishes, wrinkles, and any other unwanted spots by destroying the bacteria that are responsible for them. This is courtesy of its vitamin C component and anti-oxidants that allow you to have a radiant skin.

Weight loss

One of the major causes of weight gain is eating more than necessary. Obese people often have food cravings that they cannot even explain. Well, lemon water aids in losing weight by striking the problem at the root. It contains fiber that helps in reducing these cravings for food enabling one to eat to their fill and feel satisfied. Additionally, it helps one in making good food choices by keeping them on the healthy track. Sometimes, you can check out comparision website such as 10 Greatest to find out the products you want for waight loss. So if you have issues with your weight and want to try out something new that is bound to help you lose a few pounds, try taking lemon in warm water as soon as you wake up. If you combine this with exercise and a proper diet, you will discover that you are easily losing weight.

Eases digestion

This combination of water and lemon will make digestion more efficient especially since the water is warm. Furthermore, it is able to activate the production of digestive juices such as bile that are necessary for the process to take place. Furthermore, it allows the body to digest as much as it can by absorbing all the nutrients it requires. So what does a better digestion mean for you? It allows you to eat better, get healthy and you no longer have to complain that your stomach is bloated due to incomplete digestion.

Cleaning out your system

The juice got from the lemon is good for detoxification and cleansing of the body. It does this in a number of ways. First, it fires up the liver to initiate the detoxification process and ensuring that all the unwanted substances and toxins are destroyed as they bring more harm than good in the body. Moreover, they make one wish to urinate or empty their bowels frequently, enabling the passage of these products. So if you take lemon water and find yourself visiting the toilet more, know that it is cleaning out your system and keeping you healthy. Actually, many people incorporate its use in their body cleansing programs which work for them.

Boosting energy levels

Like other negatively charged foods that are ingested, lemon water gives one more energy than they initially had. It ensures that the body is energized up to carry out activities the way it should even when one when feels lazy. Furthermore, this energy promotes good moods by stimulating hormones that create happiness. Even the smell and taste of lemon is very refreshing and a good motivator to start off the day on a good note. People who take lemon water are more often than not in a good mood and are always cheerful.

Strengthening the immune system

Lemon contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that play major roles in ensuring that the body remains healthy and protected from disease-causing germs or suffers from the deficiency of these components. Vitamin C and saponins, for instance, are good for your immune system and help to bout colds and flu that occur once in a while. One mineral that is also essential in the body that lemon water contains is iron which is vital for blood composition.

Gets rid of bad breath

Some of the contributing factors to bad breath are gingivitis and tooth decay. Although normal toothpaste and mouthwash help in preventing this, it has been discovered that they are not as efficient as they should be. The solution is to take a glass of lemon water each time you brush your teeth. To note is that you have to rinse your mouth with purified water after taking that solution of lemon and water. This is because lemon contains citric acid that can cause the disintegration of the enamel of your teeth.

Balances blood pressure levels

Many doctors have discovered that many of the patients who suffer from high blood pressure are usually stressed or emotionally disturbed. They are generally not at peace and this, in turn, affects their health. If you fall in this group or know someone who does, instead of waiting for the pressure levels to rise and seeking treatment, lemon water can be the key. A glass of the solution will do the trick as it will keep the patient relaxed and reduce their stress levels. It helps one to have positive thoughts which are a good way to ensure that the blood pressure levels remain normal.

Progresses healing

If you are suffering from an illness or have recently had an accident and you are taking quite some time to heal, you should consider using lemon water. Lemon has ascorbic acid, commonly known as Vitamin C that is known for its healing properties. It makes wounds heal faster and that any broken bones and connective tissues are fixed more quickly. Patients who take this lemon water are likely to recover faster than those who solely depend on conventional medicine.

Stabilizes pH levels

It is very dangerous for the body to have very high levels of acidity as they can cause diseases like ulcers. To prevent this, the acidity should be removed and the blood should be alkalized. One of the best alkalizing agents is the lemon. Although lemon contains citric and ascorbic acids, once metabolism has occurred, the acids are alkalized making the environment alkaline. If you notice that you are constantly feeling pain in your joints as if they are inflamed, you should try drinking at least a glass of lemon water every morning. The acid that is accumulated in these places will be removed and you will feel better.


It is therefore quite evident that there is a lot that somebody can gain from taking lemon water daily. Try drinking a glass of lemon water each morning and you will start to notice the difference in your body and in your general health.

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