This Water Is Natural Cure for Cancer, Heart Health and Inflammations


This Water Is Natural Cure for Cancer, Heart Health and Inflammations

Lime has the scientific name of Citrus Aurantifoli. It has been consumed by humans for hundreds of years. They are considered by many to possess different curative properties as well as natural benefits. Limes are enjoyed by people around the world in a variety of forms including sorbets, candies, cocktails, beverages and more. The oil from a lime is often used in cosmetic products, beauty soaps, deodorants, disinfectants and many other types of products.

Cure for Cancer

Limewater here refers to the alkaline mineral and not the acidic fruit. Limewater is a diluted solution of calcium hydroxide, which is formed when calcium oxide (quicklime) combines with water. Pure limewater is colorless and clear, with a light earthy smell and a bitter taste.

Limewater has of late been advocated for its curative properties.

Limewater is easily prepared by stirring calcium hydroxide (also known as slaked lime or hydrated lime) into pure water and filtering off excess undissolved Ca(OH)2. Insoluble calcium hydroxide remains in suspension, giving the water a white, milky aspect, in which case it is generally called milk of lime. This solution occurs naturally and quite commonly where there are lime deposits.

Uses of limewater
An excellent and non-toxic source of calcium, limewater is frequently used in preparing corn, which then becomes hominy which is considered to have elevated niacin levels and be easier to digest. It is also used as a clarifying agent in liquids and as dietary calcium supplement. It is also widely used as an aquarium additive in that coral species require the natural calcium to build their endoskeletons, primarily formed of calcium carbonate, which eventually accumulate to form coral reefs, an important aspect of marine ecology. Due to it’s alkaline properties, limewater is also used in the preparation of parchment and other papers.

Limewater was consumed by previous generations as a general tonic and restorative, as well as for cleansing animal products of toxins. In ancient times it was used as an additive to chewing tobacco by Native Americans. Today it is often touted as a health supplement which has beneficial effects in combatting cancer.

There have been studies that show individuals who consume few fruits and vegetables have a greater risk of developing cancer. An increase in the consumption of Vitamin C is linked to the reduction of many different types of cancers. A study was conducted to measure the inhibitory effects of elements found in limes on the formation of cancer. The results showed that mice who had increased doses of lime also had a 50 percent decrease in the chances of developing cancer. The elements found in limes was determined to be a strong inhibitor for the development of tumors.

Heart Health
It has been proven that limes contain a very concentrated amount of vitamin C. This vitamin has shown to decrease risks associated with heart disease. A study was published in the RYA Atherosclerosis Journal. It showed that lime juice and the oil from its peel were able to lower the fatty streaks that can form within a person’s coronary arteries. This is a factor when it comes to plaque buildup that results in cardiovascular disease.

Skin Care
Lime contains essential flavonoids and Vitamin C, which provides a person with a number of skin benefits. These benefits can be experienced if taken either orally or applied directly to a person’s skin. It keeps skin healthy. Lime can rejuvenate a person’s skin as well as decrease their body odor and protect them from developing infections. When used on the skin, it can remove dead skin. It can also help cure bruises, dandruff, rashes and more.

Digestive Disorders
A common health issue with many people is acidity and indigestion. Others may suffer from bilious vomiting. An effective treatment for these conditions is a combination of lime water with honey. The flavonoids present in the lime will stimulate a person’s digestive system. Their body will produce the juices necessary to make smooth digestion possible.

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